Support for LM-1, LinnDrum & Linn 9000


Unfortunately I don't provide support for these old products from my first company of the early 1980s, mostly because I haven't thought about them for over 30 years and don't recall the details that people need answers about. But thankfully there's a very good resource: Forat Electronics in Los Angeles ( Bruce Forat knows everything about those old instruments and provides excellent support, repair and modifications.


Also, I was contacted in November 2018 by a Frenchman named Jonathan Prager, who appears to be very knowledgeable about these old products and provides repair and restoration in Europe. His company is called Studio PISCINE A TOKYO, is located in Aubervilliers, France and here's his FaceBook page and email:


By the way, I've never made a product called "LM-2". My LinnDrum product shows "LinnDrum" in large letters on the front panel and shows "LM-2" nowhere on the product, yet for some odd reason many people called it "LM-2".


- Roger Linn

Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA