Panel Settings

Version 2.2.1 Software

Switch 1 & Switch 2

These 2 switches are handy during performance for turning on/off sustain or a variety of other functions. The function of each switch is assigned in the GLOBAL SETTINGS.

By default, SWITCH 1 is assigned to Sustain Pedal and  SWITCH 2 is assigned to Arpeggiator On/Off.

These switches have both momentary and toggle action. If held, they are momentary. If tapped briefly, they toggle between on and off.




Press SPLIT to toggle between normal and split keyboard modes. The lights will change to the following:

The 2 splits will be displayed in their assigned Main and Accent colors, set in the Per-Split Settings.

To move the split point, hold the SPLIT button while dragging your finger across the playing surface.

While SPLIT is on, one of the 2 splits is still selected. The selected split is the one that is selected in the Per-Split Settings, Preset, Volume and Octave/Transpose screens. Also, the split button (while on) is lit in the selected split's Main color. The selected split is used in various ways. For example, if a Sustain Pedal is connected, it normally only affects the selected split.

If the SPLIT button off, the full playing surface will use the colors and other settings of the selected split. To quickly switch between playing the full surface with the left or right split's settings, double-tap the SPLIT button.

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