Panel Settings

Version 2.2.1 Software


The Preset button and screen permit you to select sounds in an external synthesizer by sending MIDI Program Change messages.


Press the Preset button and the lights will change to the following:

The current Preset (program change) number is displayed in large digits. The range is 1 to 128, corresponding to MIDI Program Change numbers 0 to 127. To change the selected preset, slide your finger left or right. Or press the green Increment or red Decrement buttons in the upper left corner. As the number changes, MIDI Program Change messages will be sent.


Each of the two splits has a saved Preset number. In the upper right corner, press the LEFT or RIGHT buttons to display/edit the Left or Right Split's Preset number.


The Preset button has both momentary and toggle actions. Press it briefly (less than 1/2 second) to turn the Preset screen on or off. Hold it (for more than 1/2 second) for momentary action. This permits faster preset selection during performance: Hold the Preset button, select a preset with your other hands, then release the Preset button.




The 6 "All Settings" Memories


Sometimes it is useful to change all of LinnStrument's settings at once, for example to change many MIDI settings at once from those needed for one sound generator to those of another.

At the right side of the Preset screen are 6 blue-lit note pads indicating 6 "All Settings" memories. Each of these 6 memories holds a snapshot of almost all settings, including Per-Split Settings, Octave/Transpose settings and Global Settings, but not the following:

1) The currently selected preset (1-128, MIDI Program Change) in the Preset screen, and current volume setting in the Volume screen.

2) The Volume screen's setting.

3) All data and settings of the Step Sequencer. Why? Because these are saved separately in the 16 Sequencer Project memories.

4) The current slider value of the 8 CC Faders, as well as the slider values of the Low Row's X=CC1 or XYZ=16-18 sliders.

Why? Because the intent of the All Settings memories is to instantly change all of LinnStrument’s settings but not  settings that affect parameter values of external MIDI sound generators. These exception settings are also lost when power is turned off.

To save the current LinnStrument settings to one of these 6 memories, hold one of the 6 blue-lit note pads for 2 seconds or more, until you see it flash red.

To recall the saved settings, briefly tap one of these 6 buttons. It will flash green and will stay lit in light blue to indicate that this was the last-loaded memory.

Here are the default contents of each of these presets:

Preset 6 (highest): These are the settings for playing drumbeats and bass as demonstrated in this video at location 4:36. In our Logic project file (5/18/17 version or later), select the track "Elec Filter Kit" and also enable the Record button ("R") on the "Mono Bass Plucks" track above it.

Preset 5: These are the same settings as after performing a Global Settings > Actions column > Reset.

Preset 4: These are the settings for playing the MPE sounds in our downloadable Logic project file. (Same as holding ChPerNote in the Per-Split Settings > MIDI Mode column.)

Preset 3: These the correct settings for playing all Audio Modeling SWAM instruments. (In Per-Split Settings, MIDI Mode = One Channel, Main Chan = 1, Bend Range = 12.)
Preset 2: These are the same settings as a new LinnStrument or after a Global Settings > Reset. (In Per-Split Settings, MIDI Mode = One Channel, Main Chan = 1, Bend Range = 2.)
Preset 1 (lowest): These are the same settings as a new LinnStrument or after a Global Settings > Reset. (In Per-Split Settings, MIDI Mode = One Channel, Main Chan = 1, Bend Range = 2.)


The Volume button and screen permit quickly changing the volume of the external synthesizer. This is done by sending MIDI Volume (control change #7) messages over the split's Main channel.

Pressing the Volume button will display the Volume screen:

To change the volume, slide your finger left or right across the playing surface. As the width of the light bar changes, MIDI Control Change 7 messages (Volume) will be sent to the external sound generator to adjust the volume proportionally.


If LEFT split is selected in the upper right corner, the left split's volume is displayed. If RIGHT split is selected, the right split's volume is displayed.

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Los Altos, CA