LinnStrument Credits


I (Roger) would like to thank the following smart people who have helped me in the development of LinnStrument.



Geert Bevin is the principal software engineer on LinnStrument and has transformed it far beyond what existed before his involvement. He's a very smart software engineer and musical artist living near Brussels, who is passionate about the interaction between music and technology. He's also a senior software engineer at Moog, wrote much of the computer software for the Eigenharp, and has created software for using the Leap Motion Controller in musical applications. In 2014, he performed an improvisation on Eigenharp during my MoogFest 2014 presentation.



Tim Thompson is a very talented technologist and musical/visual artist, as well as the creator of the Space Palette and other artistic instruments and tools. He's written much of LinnStrument's note-handling code and UI, and he possesses a sharp mind for understanding multidimensional software problems and coming up with elegant solutions. He also wrote the computer interface code for the original 2011 LinnStrument  proof-of-concept prototype.



Darius Mostowfi is a talented engineer and musician who created the circuit board layouts for LinnStrument.  He loves guitar and stomp boxes and also helped with our AdrenaLinn guitar processor by designing and laying out the circuit board, as well as writing some of the software.



Xulio Coira and Alfredo Prado are a couple of very smart engineers in the Galacia region of northwestern Spain. I first contacted Xulio because he had created a shield (expansion board) for the Arduino development system that sends & receives MIDI over USB, something he had made for use with another product he created, an electronic controller for the Galacian bagpipe. Because I needed MIDI-over-USB for LinnStrument, and because LinnStrument is based on the Arduino Due, I asked if he would modify his USB-over-MIDI code for use in LinnStrument, which he kindly did with the help of Alfredo Prado.



Tom Oberheim is, well, Tom Oberheim, and his many influential music products over the years are a clear statement of his rare skills as a product designer and engineer. He's also a dear friend of many years and has been very helpful in filling in the gaps of my engineering knowledge during my design of the sensing electronics for LinnStrument.



Nikolai Noaka is very talented graphic designer living in Frankfurt, Germany. He created all of the beautiful LinnStrument renderings on the site.



Clif Anderson is a highly-skilled attorney who created the patent on LinnStrument's unique sensing system. I found Clif to be remarkable in his ability to understand and explain in writing the complex electronic and software processes going on inside LinnStrument. More than 300 patents have been issued based on patent applications prepared by Clif. He's also a very nice guy. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a tech patent. He can be reached at



Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA