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LinnStrument News September 2017


Hello from Roger! Lately I've received a number of requests for the best synths to use with LinnStrument. Although the Recommended Sounds page lists many of them, I thought it would be interesting to show some of them in use in the form of owner videos, so that you'll both hear the sounds and see how others have used them.

For more videos, visit the LinnStrument Videos page.

And if you want bowed-string or wind instrument sounds, nothing comes close to Audio Modeling's software instruments, which are simply perfect. If you haven't seen Jeremy Cubert's video on the LinnStrument product page, he demos many of these fine instruments as well as a variety of excellent sample libraries.

As usual, please pass this link on to anyone who you think might enjoy this.


New:  Roli's Equator is now available without buying a Seaboard

Roli's Equator is an extraordinary synth that is specifically designed for MPE controllers like Seaboard or LinnStrument. It's an excellent match for LinnStrument and includes 2 sample sources, 3 oscillators, FM, extensive modulation, effects, parametric EQ, tweakable response curves for velocity/pressure/Y-axis, everything is MPE, and the sounds are rich and full of character. It's my (Roger's) new favorite synth for LinnStrument.

Click the picture at right to visit Roli's site and watch a video about it, or to buy it for $180 direct.


GeoShred from Wizdom Music

Geoshred creates its sound from a physical model of a string, and gets some very nice guitar distortion and feedback effects. The underlying algorithms were created by some very smart Stanford guys and the overall design is from Jordan Rudess. This video shows how to use it with LinnStrument. You can buy it on the iOS app store.


Orange Tree Samples' Dracus 8 String Guitar Library

Jeremy Cubert (my favorite LinnStrumentalist) made this video and I think he delivers a remarkably accurate performance of a rock fusion guitarist, including the harmonics occasionally thrown in.

Jeremy speaks highly of Orange Tree's instruments, which run under Native Instruments' Kontakt Player. He also recommends their Evolution Hollowbody Blues Guitar Library, as well as their Mandolin and Nylon String libraries. He adds that they sample their sounds clean and their electric guitar libraries have clean, crunchy and distortion presets using the built in effects.

If you haven't seen Jeremy's video on the LinnStrument Product page, it demos a large number of traditional acoustic instrument sounds, including

Jeremy has created a large number of LinnStrument videos using a variety of great sounds. Here's his videos page on my site. And his day gig is as a biotech patent attorney!


Tom Oberheim's Two Voice Pro

My old friend Tom has reissued his classic 1970s Two Voice analog synth, which combines two of his Synthesizer Expansion Modules with a keyboard and sequencer/programmer. In this video, I play it from LinnStrument.


FutureSonus Parva

LinnStrument's software creator Geert Bevin is a big fan of analog synths and created this video with the Parva, an very nice 8-voice analog synth that can be used as an 8-voice MPE synth.

Here's Geert's Videos page, where he also demos:

* The Expert Sleepers FH-1, an MPE-compatible MIDI-to-analog interface for Eurorack.

* The Moog Model 15 app for iOS, which he created!

* The Moog Mother-32

* U-He Bazille


Novation Peak

Here's a video from LinnStrumentalist Jimmy Vai demonstrating Novation's Peak, an 8-voice synth with analog filters.


Axoloti DIY Synth

The Axoloti is a very cool product. For 69 euros, you get a small audio-/midi-processing circuit board with software that lets you create simple synths or audio processors graphically on your computer (as in Max/MSP or PD), then send them down to the board for portable standalone use. In this video, LinnStrumentalist "TheSlowGrowth" plays an MPE synth he created on the Axoloti.


Bitwig Polysynth

Bitwig's Polysynth, part of Bitwig 8-Track that's included free with each LinnStrument, is a surprising capable modeled analog synth that's also MPE compatible. This video features LinnStrumentalist Connor Golden, who recently dropped by my home office in Berkeley to show me how he uses LinnStrument.


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