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LinnStrument News May 2018

Hello from Roger! Here are a few items of possible interest to those who own or are considering owning a LinnStrument.

Please pass this link on to anyone who you think might enjoy it.


New Video: The LinnStrumentalists

I've created a compilation of short segments from what I think are the best videos submitted by LinnStrument owners around the world. To see it, visit the LinnStrument Videos page and click the video in the upper left corner.

I am constantly amazed at the talent and musical creativity of LinnStrument owners. To all those who participated in this video, I offer my sincere thanks. I only wish I could have included all the great videos that were submitted, but you can see them elsewhere on the LinnStrument Videos page.

More LinnStrument Tips & Tricks

Last month I created the new "LinnStrument Tips & Tricks" page on my site, describing many useful LinnStrument features that new or less-techy owners often aren't aware of. I've just added 10 more:

• Sleep mode
• Light all the same pitches in red
• Display animated lights emanating from your touch
• Display scrolling "Applause" (or 15 other messages) across your LinnStrument's playing surface
• Playing standing up? Protect your USB jack
• Arpeggiator Latch Mode
• Polyphonic Y-axis control over a single MIDI channel
• Pitch Bend Reset on Release mode
• Use Switch 1 and Switch 2 as Octave Up/Down switches
• Slow down the MIDI data rate over USB to reduce synth overload



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Los Altos, CA