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LinnStrument News December 2018

Happy holidays from Roger! Sorry for the long absence since the last newsletter.

Here are a few items that I think may be of interest to you.

We've sold 1700 LinnStruments so far, and it's nice to see more and more owners sharing their experiences with friends, telling them how it has enhanced their musical journeys. Thanks to all LinnStrument owners for helping to spread the word!

If you don't yet have a LinnStrument, please consider dropping a hint to your spouse for a holiday gift. What better gift than something that inspires new musical creativity?

Please pass this link on to anyone you think might enjoy it.


New Videos

There are a number of new videos on my site, but here are a couple that I think are especially good:

1) Jeremy Cubert (my favorite LinnStrument soloist) and Stephen Barnard (my favorite two-handed piano-style player) have gotten together to make a video of the classic "A Child Is Born".

2) LinnStrumentalist Max Bajzek has created a beautifully expressive performance of "Hovern Enkan" (A cold wind is blowing), a traditional Amenian song. And though it sounds like a Duduk, the sound is purely synthesized.


New MPE synth recommendation: Cypher 2

If you  haven't checked out FXpansion's Cypher 2, it's a very capable synth that's MPE-compatible with over 500 MPE-optimized preset sounds, analog-modelled oscillators, waveshaping, thru-zero FM and their highly flexible TransMod modulation system. Download the free demo.


Bitwig Studio 8-Track 2.4 released with free upgrade for all existing 8-Track licenses

Bitwig Studio 2.4 is a big improvement over version 1, including better MPE and LinnStrument support. And all existing Bitwig 8-Track licenses have been upgraded for version 2.4. Simply log into your account on Bitwig.com to download version 2.4.


Open Tunings in software 2.2.1

Since my last newsletter, we've released version 2.2.0, then 2.2.1 software for LinnStrument, including the ability to  independently tune the rows however you wish. Together with LinnStrument's Strum mode, you can now play open tunings as on guitar.


New "KVR Experts" review of LinnStrument by Craig Anderton

KVR Audio has created a new feature called "KVR Experts", a series of product reviews by industry experts. The first one if a review of LinnStrument 128 by industry legend Craig Anderton. It's not only a review but also a discussion with comments from LinnStrument owners.


I did a video interview with Nodes & Wires

I had a fun time doing a video interview with Paul Dither of Nodes & Wires, in which I discuss my musical background, instrument design, the LinnStrument, a few thoughts about the LinnDrum 2 drum machine I'm working on, and more. It's long-- nearly 100 minutes.


A video about my first drum machine, the LM-1

While browsing the web recently, I stumbled upon this very nice video documentary about the LM-1 and its influence on music.


Movie recommendation for synthesists: "LFO"

I recommend a darkly comic film called "LFO" by Swedish LinnStrumentalist and filmmaker Antonio Tublén. If you ever wished synthesis could control people, here's your chance. He even named the female lead "Linn". On Amazon Prime and iTunes.


New "ContinuuMini" from Haken Audio

If you're not aware of the Continuum Fingerboard, it was the first polyphonic 3D-expressive electronic musical instrument. Released in 1999, it came well before LinnStrument, Seaboard, Eigenharp or any other MPE controllers, which speaks to the vision of its creator Dr. Lippold Haken. It's the expressive instrument of choice for many professional players.

Lippold has just announced a Kickstarter campaign for his new smaller, low-cost “ContinuuMini”, which I recommend checking out. It includes the same expressive EaganMatrix sound engine as in the larger Continuum models. Pledge $629 and get one at $270 below the eventual release price of $899.

In my view, a sale of any expressive electronic instrument is a step forward for music and therefore a step forward for makers of all expressive instruments. Go Lippold!



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Los Altos, CA