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LinnStrument News April 2018

Hello from Roger! Here are a few items of possible interest to those who own or are considering owning a LinnStrument.

Please pass this link on to anyone who you think might enjoy it.


New LinnStrument Tips & Tricks page

I've just added a new "LinnStrument Tips & Tricks" page to the web site, containing useful features that either aren't printed on the panel or aren't very obvious, including:

•Legato switch
• Frets on/off switch
• Control Change Switches
• Left Hand Mode
• Mirrored Pitch Direction
• Harpejji Tuning
• Set Octave/Transpose for both splits at once
• Use Low Row as Mod Wheel
• Emulating MIDI keyboard Aftertouch
• Inverting Y-axis Range
• Inverting Row Pitch Order


Web site is now mobile-friendly

I've revised the entire web site so that all pages are easily read on mobile phones, tablets and larger screens. This is especially useful for accessing the Panel Settings page on a smartphone.




Essay: The importance of Expressive Touch Control

I've had an essay on my site for a while about the importance of LinnStrument's expressive touch control. Over the past months I've given the topic more thought and come to the conclusion that without expressive touch control, current electronically-produced music is primarily used for background music. Here's my updated essay.


Article in Vox about my MPC drum machines

Are you a drum machine user? The online magazine Vox recently interviewed me for an article with video essay about the musical influence of my MPC drum machines. It's nice to see that something I made so long ago has some lasting effect.


Podcast interview by Embedded.fm

Interested in software and development? The podcast embedded.fm recently did an audio interview with me about developing LinnStrument, the challenges of developing its sensing technology, and also a little about Tempest, AdrenaLinn and running a small business in general.



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