Sweetwater Gearfest 2015



On June 12th and 13th, I (Roger), Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim traveled to Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana for their annual Gearfest. Here are some photos and videos from the event. Click any photo for full-size version.




Me, Dave & Tom flying to Gearfest in the Sweetwater jet!

An incredibly gracious gesture from Chuck Surack, owner and founder of Sweetwater.




Leaving from Napa airport: Me, Dave, Jill & Tom Oberheim




Arriving Ft. Wayne: Jill & Tom, Sweetwater's John Grabowski, me & Dave



Thursday night dinner after setting up our booths. Sweetwater's John Grabowski, Dave, me, Tom & Jill, Tom 's sales partner Geoff Farr and Sweetwater's Daniel Fisher.



Overview shot of the Gearfest tents behind the Sweetwater building.




Guy with MPC tattoo!




Me doing LinnStrument demos




Fort Wayne, home of Sweetwater




Friday night party with Sweetwater band. (Chuck Surack 3rd from left on sax)




Saturday panel discussion "The Inventors of Synth" with me, Dave and Tom, moderated by Sweetwater's Mitch Gallagher




Full video of the event




During the flight home, I, Tom and Dave recorded this video "thank you" to Chuck and all the fine people of Sweetwater.


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