AdrenaLinn Sync Software Plug-in

Get the Beat-Synced Effects of our AdrenaLinn III pedal in a software plug-in, with significant new sonic capabilities.

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Similar to our AdrenaLinn III Effects Pedal, AdrenaLinn Sync transforms ordinary guitar parts into pulsing, rhythmic sequences of chopped, filtered and tuned resonant tones. It also delivers the classic modulation effects you love--tremolo, phasing, flanging and more--but now in sync to your music. And all this happens in real time as you play. But AdrenaLinn Sync goes much further than AdrenaLinn III, adding beautiful analog-modeled filters from Way Out Ware, multiple simulaneous modulation paths, complex randomness, musical scale constraints, stereo delay loops up to 8 measures and much more, adding up to an extensive toolset that will inspire you to new and creative musical ideas.

Beautiful, warm, rich analog-modeled filters from Way Out Ware

AdrenaLinn Sync was developed with Way Out Ware, creators of the highly-aclaimed TimewARP2600, a software emulation of the classic Arp 2600 analog synthesizer. Their flawless mathematical models of the tonal and modulation characteristics of analog filters are what give AdrenaLinn Sync's lowpass, bandpass, highpass and phaser filters their full, warm and responsive sound quality. A digital flanger (comb) filter is also provided for tuned resonance and chorus effects. All filters respond immediately to sharp modulations without any pops or clicks, due to AdrenaLinn Sync's unique processing of sharp modulation transitions.

Tube-Modeled Distortion

Even since Hendrix's wah-wah and Marshalls, filters and distortion have had a very special relationship. So we included a very special distortion processor in AdrenaLinn Sync, modeled after power tube circuits. Using only three controls, the total range is remarkably flexible. There's a Pre-Highpass filter to give you the fatness of a humbucker, the thinness of a Tele rear pickup, or anything in between. The Post-Lowpass filter permits you to dial in the brightness of 10" speakers to the dark quality of 15" speakers, or anything in between or beyond. And the Gain control ranges all the way from unity (for clear tube-compressed tones) to 500 times gain for metal super-distortion. Finally, PRE FILTER switches the filter-distortion order, providing the tonal difference between placing a wah pedal before or after a distortion pedal.

Is it a Delay or a Looper?

Beat-synced delay is a great addition to the beat-synced filter effects, particularly the rhythmic syncopations created by dotted 8th note delay, ping-ponged across the stereo spectrum. But the fun starts to happen with delays longer than 1 measure, something we call Delay Loops. For example, set the delay time to 2 measures with your dry signal on the left and delay on the right. First play chords for 2 bars, then while hearing the chords play back, play a solo over them for 2 bars, then play new chords for 2 bars as that solo plays back, etc. With delay time up to 8 bars of stereo, It's tremendous creative fun.

A Do-Anything Low Frequency Oscillator

A Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) is used for effects like tremolo, phasing or flanging that move up and down over time, which in AdrenaLinn Sync happens in sync to your music and your time signature. For example, an 8th note tremolo, 2-bar phaser or 8-bar flanger. Our LFO locks in perfect sync to your recording software. Choose your waveform and speed, nudge it slightly early or late with the Phase control, even make the height of each pulse random with the Random Peak button.

A Super Looper Sequencer

The sequencer is the heart of AdrenaLinn Sync's looped rhythmic filter patterns, permitting you to draw in exactly the rhythm you desire. It can be configured as 2 measures of 8th notes, 8th triplets or 16ths in your song's time signature, and the 16ths can play in straight time, swing time or halfway between for a more human feel. The Random section permits you to tweak the random signal's range, as well as the probability of both a new random level or the added envelope generator firing.


Can't decide between AdrenaLinn III and AdrenaLinn Sync? Here's an overview of the main differences:

Filter types: Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Flanger, Inverted Flanger, Volume, Pan

Filter type: Phaser

Simultaneous modulation paths

Constrain modulations to 14 musical scales (for tuned modulations)

Random modulation

Audio delay time

Guitar amp modeler with 40 classic amps

Distortion processor

Drum machine with 200 drumbeats





Analog modeled filters from Way Out Ware

Includes Activation on Two Computers

When you purchase an unlock code for AdrenaLinn Sync, it includes the ability to activate two computers for your own use. As you change computers over the years, you can deactivate either computer in order to use that activation on a new computer.



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