AdrenaLinn III Upgrade Kit Support


Welcome to the support page for the AdrenaLinn III Upgrade Kit. If you're having trouble installing your upgrade kit, please check the Frequently Asked Questions below.


If you don't find your answer above, please write us at Be sure to include your AdrenaLinn serial number and a clear description of the problem. If you prefer a phone call, please include your phone number and a good time range for us to call you back and we'll try to call during that time.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I've lost the installation instructions. Can I download them from your site?

A: Yes, here.


Q: After installing the upgrade and connecting power, one of the small black buttons doesn't move freely. Or...

Q: After installing the upgrade and connecting power, there is no response to turning the controls. The display only shows "Pr0". What's wrong.

A: It's likely that you attached the new front panel label with slightly incorrect alignment, causing it to restrict one of the small black buttons from movely freely. Please carefully reread step 4 of the installation instructions, which describes how best to attach the label. Now slowly remove the label and reattach it with correct alignment.


Q: After installing my new AdrenaLinn III Upgrade Kit, my unit doesn't work at all. When power is connected, either 1) it displays only "dSP" in the display, 2) random lights come on, or 3) no lights come on.

A: It is possible that you accidentally bent some of the chips' pins or damaged the sockets during installation. Try carefully removing the chips and inspect them for bent pins. If some of pins are clearly bent, try to carefully straighten them and re-install them. If this doesn't work, try re-installing your old A1 or A2 chips to see if they bring it back to life (as an A1 or A2). If this works, it prove that the new AdrenaLinn III chips are bad and your circuit board is OK. If this works, contact us at and we'll send you a new set of A3 chips for free on condition of subsequent return of your damaged chips. If re-installing your old chips didn't make the unit work, contact us anyway and we'll figure out what to do next.


Q: After installing new my AdrenaLinn III Upgrade Kit, everything seems to work except the two foot switches. What's wrong?

A: Did you initialize the unit after installation? This is step 14 of the installation instructions.


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