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The ultimate testimonial: John Mayer's FX rig with AdrenaLinn I, II & III.




"I have more than three hundred effects processors and sound processing devices in my private collection. I was going to buy AdrenaLinn III for a long time. I read a lot of reviews on your device, but I was always very confused by its management. Therefore, for five or six years I did not dare to buy this device. The desire to have AdrenaLinn III in my collection overpowered me and I bought this device. Surprisingly, the device is very logical and easy to operate. The interface is very friendly. The sound is beyond praise. I would describe your device as the most ingenious product of technical art in sound processing for today. Your device is very simple to get from it an infinite number of completed musical ideas with minimal physical and intellectual expenses.


I would say so, AdrenaLinn III is the only device for which you do not mind spending money on it after you've turned it on. I will say more, this device is much more expensive than its monetary value. The only synonym that comes to my mind when I want to write this device, your device is a muse for a musician. The only muse for a musician, which you can buy for money !!!


Your AdrenaLinn III device is the perfect technical device in its external simplicity and extraordinary depth in content.


Dear, Roger, I understand that my opinion of a common man in the street is not so important to you, but believe me, I have considerable experience working with devices for processing and synthesizing sound.


I am confident that over time AdrenaLinn III will take its rightful place among the cult musical instruments of this century, and your ideas will continue to be realized.


Let me express my great gratitude for your enthusiasm and invaluable contribution to the world music industry.


- With deep respect from Russia, Dmitry.




"...the AdrenaLinn makes me seem better than I have ever been, and as soon as it is switched on, it instantly does something I like. Then I change a dial and it does something else I like. That is half the battle as far as I am concerned, for someone like me to learn how to use and continue using. It used to be called FUN I guess."


- Paul Faulkner (UK)












- Theodore Panagiotou (Greece)



'I've been using the AdrenaLinn since version 1 came out and have upgraded to 3. It is by far and away the best practice and creative tool I've ever used."


- Simon Freeman (UK)



"Just a short note, Roger. What a fun device the A3 is. Well thought out. Thanks. This thing is great."


- Mark Lothrop (US)



"Each time I activate the Adrenalinn III, I have a big smile that appears automatically on my face! It’s the most exiting effect pedal I've ever used and my creativity only grows with it."


Dominic Bricault (Canada)



"Hello, I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for a recent sale.  I have an Adrenalinn II and ordered the upgrade kit to III.  Not only was the shipping very fast, it was very easy to install the chips based on your instructions.  The upgrade exceeded my expectations to say the least.  The guitar tones are simply incredible and the filtering/sequencing is a whole other universe for me.


I would be more than happy to let the world know that I use your A3 exclusively.  I used to use a Pod X3 Live, which now is collecting dust in a corner! Thanks for making a very unique device that I am sure will get many years of usage around here."


- Will Merkle (US)



"My absurdly complex pedalboard has changed almost entirely many times over the last few years. The one pedal...that hasn't budged is your Adrenalinn 3. I doubt there will ever be an A4 but that'll be the only box that could displace it."


- John Perry (UK)



"Thank you for designing the most inspiring piece of gear ever!!!"


- Bogdan Rygalski (US)



"The AdrenaLinn is amazing! It's the best piece of equipment that I've ever bought. I'm spreading the word about your products around here [in Brazil]."


- Paulo Santos (Brazil)



"This is the most inspiring effects/ sound design pedal I've experienced....I also use it live acoustically with a Vox Dynamic looper . I'm also an independent demonstrator for the NAMM shows etc.  for Korg USA demoing VOX Amps, loopers, guitars and the Delay Lab. BUT THIS TRUMPS everything for inspiration and creativity...Glad to be part of the club!"


- Tim McDonald



"...I feel the Adrenalinn is several times better than AxEffects, Line 6 or GuitarRig."


- Brendan Horn (Australia)



Hey Roger, just thought you might want to know that a band I produced named The Mowgli's have a song on the radio named "San Francisco" that was also used by the Giants as their theme once they won the World Series. Well, all the guitars on that song were throurgh the Adrenalinn III that you've helped me with. They've been signed to Island and the record should be out this year. A majority of the songs on the record are mine and i used the AIII on all of them and it sounds great.


Thanx and have a Happy New Year!

- Christian James-Hand (Jan 2013)



Congratulations fro this beauty. This pedal is pure art!!!!


- Victor Moreno



Wow!!!  What an amazing pedal.  I've bought over $3,000 in new pedals this month and the AdrenaLinn III is by far the coolest!  It surprised me how easy it is to tweak and design the Tremolo and Arpeggio patterns and accents.  I have pedals, like the snazzy Fx Tracer City, that are very cool but it takes thirty minutes to dial in an effect that is actually applicable in a musical situation.  I also love that you can program the footswitches on each preset to have different functions.  Very cool stuff!  Thanks for being on the forefront of musical innovation!


- Jamie Morgan



The Adrenalinn III upgrade is excellent. I’ve only just made the upgrade today and then played for about 90 minutes, but I’m already very happy. Well worth the investment. The amp models sound much better. There are many more usable tones. Plus, it is so important to have good sounding reverb included. The presets are better, and there’s more of them, and they are laid out (put in order) in a smarter way that encourages playing around with more of them. Bravo."


- Niles Frantz



"I'm very happy with the unit and upgrade.  Fwiw, I had a Line6 unit

(traded a snare drum for it, would never buy), and the Adrenalinn

sounds so much better.  Just about every review seems to say the amp

simulation is better in line6 stuff, but unless they are just talking

the accuracy of the models (I have no idea whether any of it actually

sounds like what it is supposed to), they're wrong.  All of the line6

stuff has a super muddy character to it that I can't stand.  The

adrenalinn sounds great.  Well, and it's unique, which is obviously

more important to most people. "


- Kelly Johnson



Your pedal is genius. The A3 has influenced me to buy only boutique effects.


- Nicholas Urick




There are dozens of good boxes and software emulators for the guitar, and the higher end ones all have hundreds of really good guitar sounds. I've owned and used them all, and can honestly say that none really compare to the capabilities of the Adrenalinn III. After more than 5 years, I am still exploring and learning what all this incredible little box can do.


Would you rather have hundreds of good sounds that are useable but not really shape-able to exactly what you want, or a box that (while it has hundreds of sounds and patch possibilities) can give you those two or three perfect sounds/patches you've always dreamed of?


Add on top of this an excellent bank of realistic / useable / editable drums and patterns to teach anyone timing, and this is the best boutique piece of equipment available anywhere at "non boutique" prices!

Whether we've used the gear or not, this to me exemplifies why we all know the name Roger Linn.


- Spencer Everroad




I wanted to say congratulations to you on this device. Now that I have had a chance to play with it a bit more, i realize it is one of the most clever devices ever conceived for guitarists. It’s literally an “everything” box: creative, inspiring, reliable, flexible, versatile. Despite possibly being a bit noisy sometimes, the sound quality of the amps and effects is simply top-notch. I also can’t believe how well-thought through the overall design of the unit is, and the choices of effects and amps are very clever and musical as are the presets, this was obviously made by musicians. In other words, I am very impressed.


- Noe Efira (Australia)




My Adrenalinn III is absolutely superb. I only discovered them by chance while browsing the net one day, and my wife was kind enough to get me one for my birthday last week. Anyhow, we had a small 5 song set this weekend (all different styles), so I went in cold, used the Adrenalin III instead of using 3 guitars and it was extremely intuitive. Quickly browsed the preset list, picked the patch and it all went perfectly. Now I can't wait to really dig into this little beasty and have some real fun.


- Graham Britton




Being a non professional musician with a very limited budget, I can honestly say that the AdrenaLinn III is one of the best musical investments I’ve done in years. I have previously used VSTs like Guitar Rig 4, specially for the amp modeling, which is good, but not as good as the one on this pedal. Beat synched effects are truly inspirational (Filter Sequence is my favorite). I can sync the pedal via MIDI with FL Studio, which is very helpful when I have to come up with new interesting guitar parts for a song. Thanks Roger for such a wonderful piece of hardware!


- Reynaldo Herrera González (Chile)




Many compliments to Roger and his team because they've created a great great great new and addictive tool!! I lost hours of sleep last weeks because I didn't want to go to bed. :)


- Harm van Hassel (Netherlands)




Had my Adrenalinn III for about 2 weeks and all I can say is wow!!! I'm totally floored. It's the greatest toy and tool ever. I just can't play enough. Totally changed my approach to guitar. I'm a working luthier and part time guitar teacher, and I think this is a must have tool for new guitar players.


- Kirk Cooper (US)




...thank you for the phenomenal support...The adrenaline 3 has become the most important unit in my rig and nothing has come close to it even at higher prices.


- Robert Stilwell (US)




...congratulations to all of the team for creating one of the most intriguing, absorbing, creative and best sounding guitar effects processors ever. It's the only device that has managed to get close to the sounds that I want to make. It deserves to be much, much more popular than it is.


- James F. Ferguson (UK)




Hi, I am a keyboard/electronics musician playing with a guitarist in an improvising electronica band (Broken Star) in the UK. Most of our live work is in the form of improvised soundtracks to film.


The guitar player recently bought an Adrenalinn 3, which is now linked to my midi set-up (2 Electribes and Microkorg). It works very well and enables all our parts to lock in perfectly to any rhythms.


There were also a few unexpected plus points:


Firstly, improvising tight/groove rhythm guitar parts is pretty difficult. Most players normally struggle to get these right. Now we can create instant grooves that are totally locked in from the first bar (no getting warmed up into the part).


Secondly, the Adrenalinn is great for old, pre-midi synths. I have run my Roland SH101, Micromoog, Monotron and old Casios through this and instantly I can create rhythmic, gated and arpeggio effects that otherwise would only be available on new gear. I was about to buy a brand new analogue synth, but now I'll just bring my old stuff back to life with the Adrenalinn.


I plan to link this to my mixing effects send/return & mix in the Adrenalinn as I wish (in real time).


Thirdly, I have never been able to get my MicroKorg Arpeggio to keep perfect time with my Electribes (the tempo is fine, but it doesn't start exactly on the first beat). The Adrenalinn midi out works much better and everything is perfectly in sync now.


- Andrew Greaves (UK)




I received my AdrenaLinn III yesterday. This is the coolest pedal and also the ideal creative tool for guitarists!


- Toshiyuki Homma (Japan)




Your company is, the way I see it, the perfect example on how companies should work to be sustainable for the future - great products at fair prices, developed by passionate people who put everything on their creations and give everything they have to their costumers. It may be a small company but it gets to the other side of the world. I have a lot of respect for your vision and for your contribution to music around the globe!


- Manuel Guerra (Portugal)




By the way, I just love the Adrenalinn and try to convince every guitar player I know to buy one...There's nothing quite like it, and I'm constantly pleased with the overall tone of it — the amps have really improved over the versions. I'm in it more for the filter effects, but I think it stands up well to any Pod or such. A delightful piece of gear, and more so because it's been upgradeable, which I really appreciate.


- Scott McGrath




Just wanted to let you know how much I like the AdrenaLinn III. I'm really blown away by the sound quality of this unit and all the features. I've actually set up two new pedal boards around the AdrenaLinn--one just for looping with the Roland RC50 and FCB midi pedalboard, and the other with all my guitar effects pedals and AdrenaLinn effects going to my amp. I was suprised at how great my acoustic sounded going through the unit as well. The drum sounds I have going out to my mixer and monitors are also being looped. The drums sound amazing, and I love the flexibility of changing the drum patterns and programing everything. I'm not sure how you were able to get everything that you have into this pedal at this price point!


- Don Grosh, Grosh Guitars




"The [AdrenaLinn III] pedal has lots of weird modulation and filter sweep things. It’s a really cool box if you are looking for inspiration in the studio—those little moments that lift the track into another place. And it syncs to MIDI clock, so if you are driving your tracks to a steady tempo, you can get all of the pulsating and modulating effects exactly in the groove."


Steve Rothery of "Marillion", from his February 2010 interview in Guitar Player magazine




I must tell you that for my personal use, your Adrenalinn is the perfect solution considering sound quality, portability, number of effects, combination of effects and use with guitar amplifiers. I have been seduced for a while by analog stompboxes but honestly I didn't get better sound quality, and for sure had many more troubles with weight, noise, sound flexibility; and I have lost a lot of time searching for my sound, neglecting the playing and enjoying of my guitar. In reality I had all of that I needed in the Adrenalinn III! Now I think I will use just A3 and keep my stompboxes as part of my collection.


Maurizio Iosa (Italy)




I recently purchased the Adrenalinn III approximately 2 months ago. Upon recording music I realized I was searching for something more and something unique that would help me develop my sound. Once I received this pedal I knew right away this is what I had wanted my music to sound like. This pedal has completely changed the way I think and play guitar. I used to play my music through a Blues Deluxe and MesaBoogie...this pedal has completely replaced both of my traditional guitar amps in the studio. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool.


Alex MacLean




I just wanted to thank you for that brilliant update! Your first batch AdrenaLinn I got years ago, and my basses and I are just plain happy. Wonderful playability! Thanks again! (You definitely should tackle some kind of live looper machine based on the AdrenaLinn architecture one of these days, I'd jump on it!) Tristan Zand


The Adrenalinn III has arrived in Australia this morning.

Its amazing. After a quick tour with my guitar, I may not be seen again for weeks! I am having a blast exploring the unit. It's very cool.


Bruce Jacques




My compliments to the design team on an excellent, and most importantly MUSICAL, effects processor. I was expecting an effects processor that stands out from the crowd, but the thing that blew me away right off was how great the drum sounds are. When I first plugged it in it was almost an hour before I remembered it was also a guitar effects unit!


- Ken Renshaw




...the amp sounds are absolutely fabulous...the Hendrix amp is fantastic!


- Terry Hamid




Just a few words to let you know I had the update yesterday, neatly packed and in perfect condition. Updating the unit took like 15 minutes and was real easy. Everything works perfectly and the ADIII is an amazing piece of gear! I know this sounds like an advert for Roger Linn Designs but it's just the truth. ;-)


Denis Del Nista (France)




Let me say I really love this little box and what it can do. I really would like to thank you for one of the most creative devices I've ever plugged a guitar into.


Glenn Kachulis




"Roger's newest version of the AdrenaLinn has so many cool new capabilities which help my Gibson SG and I explore strange new worlds in the sonic universe. The AdrenaLinn III is one of my most valued stomp boxes. Good job, Rog!"


Joe Solo,

Producer of Records, Player of Guitars, Stomper of Stompboxes
've created a phenomenal pedal and it is one of my favorites for adding a little "something" to a session.


Madison Easter




I'm completely addicted to the ADIII. I originally bought it for the arpeggio and filter sequencing effects (which are great) but was surprised to realize it's the best amp modeler for direct recording I've ever heard; and I've bought a few since my first Sans Amp 20 years ago. Thanks for a great product.


Ryan Thompson




My A3 is bar none the most useful musical tool I've ever owned. Keep inventing! Thanks Roger!


Scott Hanson




After being up until 3am last night (yes quite literally) I think I’m confident enough to say you have designed an incredible piece of gear with the AdrenaLinn III! I think I am safe to say it is by far the best multi-effects processing unit I’ve ever played through or owned. You’ve restored my faith in software based tone technology.


Rodger van Raalte




I truly think that The Adrenalinn is the most innovative

guitar processor/drum machine I have come across, I love it.


Jeffrey Gill




Thanks to everyone who keeps putting energy into the Adrenalinn. I bought the original and all the upgrades have truly added value beyond my expectations.


Dave White




BTW, you have one of the best run customer service companies I've ever interacted with. And that's saying something because I owned a consulting company that worked with some of the biggest around the globe to help them fix their sales/service problems. You guys really WALK THAT TALK and that is so rare in today's world. And, I can't say enough about what a GREAT product your A3 is.


Michael St. Lawrence




I just bought the AdrenaLinn III. It came highly recommended from a friend who is a leading composer in India...Thank you for creating a truly unique tool for musicians in general and guitarists in particular.


Sandeep Garg




I have just been enjoying myself playing guitar through the Adrenalinn 3. I got some great guitar sounds and the effects are awesome, the compressor and noise gate are a great addition; in fact there are so many extra goodies available that I cannot understand why I didn’t upgrade earlier...I must rush now so that I can get some more playing in.


Kevin Prockter




I had the adrenalinn 1 and this is vastly improved. The modeling is lovely, the effects are very nice and the layout and accessibility of features is great. I have a vox AC-30 with alnico speakers, a 1964 fender deluxe reverb, a boogie and various other amps (and a number of mics) and for my recording purposes, this is as good or better than any combo of those.


Peter Dunne




I fancy myself a gear junkie. Ive got a bunch of pedals, all of which to me only fit a certain mood. I had never used an AdrenaLinn but bought one after some research. What I wasn't aware of is that after only a few hours of playing with it, I wouldnt know how I played without it! I like how I can make any sound I can dream of, and coupled with my loop station I can make a one person band so easily!!! This is the best musical investment I have ever made! Thanks so much for a GREAT product!


Charles Guthrie




AdrenaLinn III is the most important part of my guitar gear (I own tube amps, analog effects, etc.) and it really has expanded my guitar playing (and song writing too).


Tomi Vilenius (Finland)




All in all, I think this adrenalinn III is one of the very best pieces of equipment I have ever bought.


Jamie Hook (US)




The BOGNER ECSTASY model is worth the price tag alone along, but with the thousands and thousands of possibilities with the effects this unit is incredible! I actually was planning to use this in the studio only but am now taking it out live with the band I work with (in 2008 we did 275 paid gigs and 2009 is set to beat that record!) along with a midi pedal board to switch presets. I was using some of the so called "top of the line" modeling units but the Adrenallinn III thrashes them in sound, possibilities and feel Damn me, why did I wait so long to try this out???


Andrew Bordoni




I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful box. I´ve already had many hours of pure fun, and many more yet to come.


- Fredrik Isgren




I totally love that unit!!! Hey, I'll be a spokesman for you guys anytime!! Seriously, that unit has a ton of great ideas just waiting for me to dial them up. You did a great job. I can't wait to see what's next.


-Nate Benscoter




Life's too short and the path to great tone is a mother. I've wasted way too much time and money on the Pod X3 Live, the GNX3 and the "slicer" from Boss. Phooey. Poor sound quality and unreliable. I'm an ADIII man all the way now! I play a Gretsch and a Tele through a Traynor YCV-40 tube amp. Nice tone. But the ADIII adds so much more color and sparkle. I never want to stop playing. And on Sundays, I just take the ADIII and my acoustic/electric guitar to church with me and lead worship. Hallelujah!


- Mike Scholl




Since Christmas i'm a very happy AdrenaLinn III owner! This small "monster" is amazing!


- Néder Lackó (Hungary)




This device is absolutely incredible! You have earned a HUGE HUGE fan!


- Bill "O'Fender" Ricci




I love my Adrenalinn. I bought the first one and then upgraded to version 2 and finally to version 3. With each version, I never thought a stomp box could get any better, and you proved me wrong TWICE! When I tell my musician friends about this thing, I emphasize how it makes me want to pick up my guitar and just write for hours. I call it the 'Musebox'. I've written some of my best stuff on this thing.


- Rico Cass




I love [the AdrenaLinn III] and am starting to use it more now I am writing for a new CD.


- Peter Frampton (yes, the Peter Framptom)




It has been one of the greatest musical purchases I have ever made, it is a magical little box. It has given me hours of enjoyment and makes me want to play more. I have used it out live, recorded with it, and my favorite is when everyone else is asleep and I don't want to disturb them so I use it with the headphones. The sound of it through the headphones is amazing.


- Don Blake




I have the AdrenaLinn III upgrade, best pedal I ever bought!!! No kidding. I used to have a large (20+) selection of stomp pedals that I abandoned in favor of keeping just one - the Adrenalinn III. It really fulfills the goal of being a great source for new musical ideas. It really is hard to sit down with the pedal and not come up with something new and interesting. Also it's not just for guitars, try it with a DSI Evolver synth, you won't be sorry.


Brian Comnes




The AdrenaLinn III is an amazing processor! I was a Line 6 Podxt user for years and the amp models you came up with truly respond and sound like the tube amps they represent. As a result, it is far more inspiring to play through and the pickups' personalities of the guitar really shine. Also, I can't imagine using effects that are not beat synced now. Thanks for making a great product.


Jim Deecken




Just to give some feedback, my friend returned from the states a few weeks ago and brought me the Adrenalinn III. Since then I'm addicted to it. :) It's really an awesome little wonder.


Shlomo Vaknin (Czech Republic)




I just wanted to tell you that my band just put out a recording and almost all of the guitar tracks were recorded with the Adrenalinn III. The myspace link is The songs prominently featuring the Adrenalinn on the site are "Beat All" and "I Want You." All 10 songs on the Cd utilize the Adrenalinn. I have Mesa Boogie and Fender amps that I have used for previous recordings but I fell in love with the Adrenalinn amp models and effects and ended up favoring it for this recording. Thanks for making such an inspiring product.


- Shawn Heming, Black Friday



My band mate is centering his song around the Boss Slicer so I decided to seek something that would get me a nice customizable step-sequence tremolo sound, but sweet lord... I couldn't find anything! Funny too, because I had heard often of your pedal but didn't realize just how customizable and deep the rabbit hole really went! I plan on using [the AdrenaLinn III] a lot in our new band, and I'm going to get another for my band mate to replace his slicer just as soon as I have more funds available...Thanks again for creating such an amazing device. You are by far the most under rated effect designer in the world.


- Devi



Digging deeper into the editing, I really see what a unique unit this is compared to the run of the mill ''modelling all guitars and amps in the world'' boxes. The amp sounds are great and miles beyond my Pod pro and Digitech stuff. Also the drums are very inspiring, whole songs evolving from just one preset!


Kurt Rognsey



Thanks for such a wonderfully, inspirational writing tool. Even with my Musicman Sterling bass, I can achieve 'lead guitar-like' parts to flesh out new song ideas for my band. I often use the drum patterns midi-sync'd to ProTools. It is much easier to play to than a 'click track'.


Don Paterson



[The AdrenaLinn III] sounds fantastic..I'm really impressed with all the improvements you've made since version II and I am having loads of fun exploring the new FX and amp models, running guitars, synths and all manner of things through it.


Andy Chapman



I just received this unit yesterday and am completely amazed with it's features and functionality. I do not believe in aliens...but this engineering could make for a interesting argument. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!



Matthew Azzato


I did order and install the A3 upgrade and WOW!!! It sounds FANTASTIC. What a huge improvement in the amp and drum sounds. At $100, what a BARGAIN. I've been playing for 30 years and have had a lot of gear including a fair amount of modeling stuff and this is the best box I've ever owned. On a side note, I think you guys have got an incredible opportunity in this little wonder box. It blows the doors off of anything Pod makes and would absolutely stun most Guitar Center kids that are browsing around if they only knew about it. This is one of the greatest hidden secrets in the guitar world....It sounds great as a standalone amp simulator, great drums and then you throw the effects and drums together and it's a step way ahead of the competition, but most people have never heard of it. Thanks again, great product!


Michael St. Lawrence



I can only give the Adrenalinn3 highest marks! A+++++ Very easy to tweak...Have owned Fender Cyber,Line 6 POD, modeling okay... Some of the amp models were fine, but most weak in my opinion. In years past I had checked out the Adrenalinn and had thought the processing was awesome but amp models were pretty weak. But this time you nailed it! I'd like to start implementing all the other great sounds the Adrenalinn3 has to offer. Keep up the great work on your cutting edge sounds.


Kevin J Hultberg



You know, I never write to manufacturers about this kind of thing, but I actually just received the upgrade kit, and wanted to express my thanks and compliments to Roger Linn Design. It sounds, in a word, awesome. I have loved it since the original came out, but used to run it in the effects loop of my amp w/no modeling running, and midi-synch the effects to whatever clock (recorder, sequencer, etc). The amp modelling on the III is a major, major step up, especially in how the low end sounds- I haven't plugged into my amp since I got it actually. And the effects remain unparalleled in terms of innovation and their ability to inspire. I've re-formulated my approach to guitar several times over as a result of this purple stompbox, and I think it's pretty rare to say that about any piece of equipment. So again, thank you! I hope you continue to develop and support this box for decades to come.


Greg Fernandez



Since upgrading to vIII the unit has migrated to a central position in my studio for writing and recording. The effects have always been excellent but III is a major sonic step forward with amp sounds that are more dynamically responsive, broader, smoother and weightier. In addition to guitars, I use it extensively to process old analogue synths and found sounds for synchronised effects and filter sweeps. It opens up new territories for exploration and inspires new directions into the unconventional. And it's highly portable and self-contained.


Paul Weber, Motisonic



Absolutely great box, very inspiring, cool useable tones, sold all my line6 stuff and am not looking back! Great job.


Curtis Chandler



Best Modeler out there. Period. Why in the world are these idiots freaking out over Line6?


Chad Austin



I have received the Adr. III kit in good order and installed it right away and I must tell you that i can hardly believe what I have been hearing those first ten minutes or so. Tell Roger he has done a really good job and that it is my distinct impression that the amp models sound very realistic and lively and also that my Fender Strat with Kinman pickups for the first time, using the Adrenalinn, sounds as it should, so a big thumbs up to you guys! Now if you don't mind i'm gonna go back to playing.


Robert LeFousain



Love the Adrenalinn III. Hugely inspiring - and the first new effects I've heard in years. Truly a great pedal this - can't get over it! I have hand-wired amps, boutique pedals etc - a great sound - but nothing has inspired me as much as your box. Congratulations on it. Don't know if you're intending an A4 but I'll be first in the queue!


John Perry



After looking thru the manuals I plugged in and immediately loved the sounds, the amp models are great as well as the sequences and drum beats. I am very pleased even now and will enjoy customizing patches. I might even like to order another in the future.


Alan Field



I got mine today and after a couple of hours with it I'm exhausted. You know your stuff Mr Linn. It's on my desert island list. :)


Willy Urban



I've had mine since the beginning of the year, and I'm still basking in the amplifier models.  The range of tone shaping available to the user is simply mind-boggling.  I plug in my Chapman Stick and go through the patches, and I've filled a good-sized legal pad with ideas for when I move on to MIDI control and programming.  This little box is on my "desert island" list now. Brilliant work, folks.


Steve Sullivan



I thank you for this piece of equipment, which is actually a piece of inspiration. A lot of my friends are getting convinced of that too, some because of the amps and others because of the beat synched effects.


Manuel Guerra



I must say this is one incredible machine! Most of the effects I've been collecting the last few years have failed to keep me interested no more than 15 minutes max, and I am even talking some vintage Eventide gear. I started at 12 and the next thing I knew besides my ears bleeding and was 4:00. God--the drums have so much dynamics and the guitar effects are enough to keep a gear head busy for hours.


Pete Maizitis, Dance of the Druids



The result of the upgrade is phenomenal. In the past years my box lay in the corner unused but now I rediscovered it. It is really fun to go through the presets and look for inspirations. I use the box with an acoustic guitar with piezo pickup and sing to it. That's all.


- Rainer Hendel (Germany)



I'm French and I don't speak and write very well English but your AdrenaLinn III made me discover an unknown landscape for my music. It helps me to write, record and finalize my music, the notes in my brain, the music in my soul. It's a tool for my music and for the people involved in my musical projects”.


Thierry Renaud (France)



Just want to say thank-you! This has got to be the best unit on the market. The update is beyond words!


Lawrence W. Jachimowicz



The unit rocks. My wife came home today and said, "Whatever you were playing today, it was different and totally killer." It brought out some new ideas and that's a good thing!!


Neil Bettencourt



Upon power up it worked as advertised...had hours of instant bliss and inspiration!  A truly amazing unit!  The improvements are fantastic!  Being a guitarist for 35 years now I truly appreciate what you have created for the electric guitarist.  I purchased the original when you first introduced it, then upgraded to A2 and now A3.  Without a doubt, some of the best $ I've spent on music related equipment.  Look forward to more great improvements and products from you.


Frank Neiger



AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! Man, this is blowin' my mind! The tones are nothing short of STELLAR and it's SO easy to use! Thank you thank you thank you!!


Tim Chandler



I worked extensively with analog synthesizers in the 70s and getting my guitar hooked up to the AdrenaLinn III was pleasantly like using analog synths:  creating new instruments, playing and reacting to them as I found out what curiously interactive sounds and rhythms could come from this combination of analog-like effects, the drum/effect synchronization, and some of the far-out arppeggio patterns of effects the AdrenaLinn III (through your hard efforts). I'm impressed and pleased to get get back into some experimental modes again. Amazing!  Thanks.


Darrel Johansen



I received [my AdrenaLinn III] today and I must say I'm completly blown away!!  I didn't think such tones and overdriven sounds where possible with digital! I mainly use valve amps (peavey JSX, 5150 mkII), but the amps on the Adrenalinn are very good indeed! Also, the filter effects are very fun and sound great. I was looking at a Zvex ooh wah, but the AdrenaLinn contains that and boat loads more!! I didn't know such synth sounds were possible. The filters sound very warm and fast, better than a lot of my hardware digital synths.


Kris Javes



Yesterday I put your unit head to head with my other amp modeler, and yours was clearer in the critical midrange and without the huge wash of masking effects.  I primarily chose this for the amp modeling and the built-in beats.  I especially like having less functions with more quality per function.  After all, this is a tool not a toy--and that's what the design reflects.  Thank you for providing a practical and inspiring musical tool for guitarists like me who are serious about timing.


Chris Interrante



The Ad3 is probably the best multi-fx unit I ever had. The more I use it, the more I discover new things. The sounds are great and it is so flexible that other multi-fx units can only dream to create some of the effects the Ad3 can produce!


Max Greco (bass player)



I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I absolutely love the Adrenelinn lll...I'm a fan of your gear since the LinnDrum in the 1980's and your expansion and creativity is just astounding. This is hands down the best guitar box on the market!


I was wondering how I was going to pull off a solo tour with just guitar and electronics and I now have the missing link. I am blown away. Thank you many times over.


- Lynne Messinger



I was very impressed with the sound of the new/updated amp models. Most of the digital amp modelers out there don't sound right to my ears: amps too fizzy or grainy, too muddy or shrill, too "thuddy", etc. I don't hear any of that with your new upgrade. I grew up playing tube amps, and for a digital unit, the Adrenalinn 3 models sound amazingly "organic". It seems like a lot of time was spent fine tuning the models. Along with the other improvements, I feel this makes the Adrenalinn III is a great value for the money.


Tom Cahoon



[The AdrenaLinn III] is one of the greatest studio tools I ever had! Congratulations.


- Thomas Weber



One of the few gear purchases I made that actually lived up to, really surpassed, expectations. Good job... keep me informed of other new products.


- David Tomasovitch



I've been playing guitar for at least 45 years.  Have had every toy, gizmo and watchamacallit including guitar synths, pedals, amps, processors, both expensive and cheap.  I play for a living and have little time for technological myopia and knobitis.


I bought two Adrenalinn I's and ran them in tandem, upgraded to II and now III.  The Adrenalinn helps to get ideas out quickly and to spend as little time as necessary on tweaking.  I mostly use it for writing and jamming.  The creativity never stops when the technology is easy! With the Adrenalinn I've discovered an inverse relationship between the amount of tweaking and creativity.


Thanks Roger!


Christy Coobatis

Music Department-Music Technology

MiraCosta College, Oceanside, California



Major props to Roger Linn and Co. The Adrenalinn is a superb piece of work. The version 3 amp sounds are in another league. Very flexible and capable of providing a range of really usable tones. The drum patches are great and very handy to have a complete jam tool at your feet. The effects are inspirational. I’ve spent many hours in the comfort of my own headphones working with the sounds and more often than not I arrive at a new hook or riff that otherwise would not be possible. Beat synched effects are a revelation. With beat synched effects time based sounds are a snap. And with the ability to divide or multiply ratios you can easily find a groove that will sit nicely in a track. Chords? Don’t get me started. Try a garden variety Em with an arpeggio patch. Listen to it cycle over 2 bars pick up the groove and chug away. I hit the strings hard but the clarity is still there. It’s easy to program too. You can skim through presets and be satisfied or go deep and challenge yourself to find the spark for a new composition or nail that line you needed to finish an existing one.


p.s After sales support has been outstanding. Super fast responses and suggestions are welcome. I have two Adrenalinns (V1 and V3) and Roger supports all versions regardless of age. Thanks Roger and I look forward to seeing the development continue.


Michael C (Australia)



I have my Prophet 5 plugged into the Adrenalinn III and when I play it, people don't know what to think.  It's aggressive sounding and so retro, but it has this other dimension, probably due to the modelling effects in the A3. A Rhythmic Sheen. Hard to describe, but I wouldn't give it up for the world. And just think: a stereo Prophet 5 !


Tommy Mandel

(Former sideman to Bryan Adams, dire straits, Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson, BonJovi, B-52's, Peter Wolf,  John Waite, Shannon [r&b], Pretenders, Tina Turner, Little Steven, Cyndi Lauper)



I just picked a the Adrenalinn 3 yesterday and am very impressed. It has a lot of great sounding features for such a small unit. The clean sounds on the amp models are very impressive, very warm with a nice breakup. The drum sounds and patches are incredible; it was worth it for that alone!!! I still can't belive it it does all this stuff in that tiny box!!! But I like it....hell I love it......great work, the thing sounds incredible!


Les Paul Gibson (yes, that's his real name)



I bought the AD3 upgrade kit a short while ago and I think this is truly a great upgrade. It addressed a lot of the problems I had with AD2. If possible I love the Adrenalinn processor even more than before. Anyway thanks for a great product.


Derek Julien



I don't know what you did but v3 is probably the most impressive "software" update I've ever heard. I was going to get rid of the unit til I gambled on the update, and it is amazing.  Thanks so much.


- Eric Vetterick



I've been making music with electronics for nearly 30 years. I used the LinnDrum in the early 80's and it always inspired a good tune.


I've been using the Adrenalinn since it came out. I am blown away by the design (though i wish my eyes could read the small type on the front panel display better). And though I'll often play alone when using the Adrenalinn, I always feel that I'm jamming with brilliant artists, in this case the artists are engineers and designers.


I also tip my guitar pick to Roger Linn Design for making a box that doesn't become obsolete!!! This is a big deal. I've now happily upgraded my box twice.


The new box is so damn cool. The sounds are musical, sometimes trippy and most always inspiring. The beats are better, the sounds are better and now I'm going back to make new music. Thank you Roger for years of fun. You are a champion and you run a bright and thoughtful music company. A rare breed.


All the best,


Bob Boilen

host NPR's All Songs Considered



I just spent about an hour going through the presets and drum beats listening to the stereo phones jack - what an awesome device!! There's a ton of great sounds and effects in there!  I love the clean to slightly dirty amps especially, and I found the beat-synchronized effects to be musically inspiring.  I've already developed a few new 'core riffs' that could be solid bases for some new tracks (if I were still writing for a band).  Also, it's a perfect companion for my loop station, which I tried out already with both bass and guitar.  I even used the tuner.  Great Stuff!!!


Julius Smith



Have to rave about this upgrade! The guitar patches make my non-vintage guitar sound like a real gibson! the drums are sooo clear and usable on this upgrade, Blown Away, Truly! Thank You So Much, and I love the Indigo!


- Spenser Everroad



I got my Adrenalinn3 upgrade,and have installed the new chips. I have to congratulate you on a huge improvement, particularly the amp sims. I have to be honest that I was thinking of selling my A2, as it didn't stand up well soundwise to other equipment I have. Boy, am I glad I decided not to sell it and give the upgrade a go! The fx were always excellent, but now that the amp sims are just as good. It's a truly inspiring bit of kit. Who'd think a couple of such tiny chips could make such a difference. Well done!


- Howard Austwick



The ADIII is amazing!! I am at a loss.  I love this box.


- Richard Maxwell



I just wanted to let you know that I received the Adrenalinn 3 a couple of weeks ago and it is amazing.  Frankly I can't believe how good the amp models sound (even through other amps!) and how much they react like an actual amp.  I am using it through a Mesa F50 and it sounds awesome, everything about it exceeds my expectations.


- Jason Boyer



I have to tell you as a gear-obsessed geek it is very rare that a piece of equipment totally captivates me like this one.  This box is fantastic!  It's eliminated several sections of my rack (my lower back thanks you profusely). Thanks for everything!


- Mark Christiansen



I just wanted to let you know that I have been amazed and delighted with the Adrenalin III.


As an engineer and musician, I can appreciate all of the work that has gone into the design, algorithms, and electronics. The best part though is the musicality of the device – almost all of the sounds and settings are great, and have helped inspire some new songs already.


I look forward to any new cool products you design!


- Rony Abovitz



I collaborate with many different artists, in a number of different styles, from hip-hop to reggae, punk rock to trance. I have a number of outboard and rack gear that I use for recording in the studio, but none are as unique or fully featured as my AD3. I have used it with my Les Paul exclusively since the release, and as of late began using it with my 5 string bass. In a word…WOW! Not only do the guitar cabs sound amazing, the bass cab sims are equally playable right out of the box. Many so-called ‘amp modelers’ need tweaking to get the sound you’re looking for. Not the AD3. Oftentimes, just scrolling through the presets, I’d find something so inspirational that I can’t help but create a new song with it…The drum machine is top notch high quality samples, and believe me, I’ve tried ‘em all. The support from Roger Linn Design is also top-notch, responsive and many times will speak to Roger himself in resolving any questions or issues I have. If only all manufacturers of pro-audio gear could have the same quality, support, and intuitive design to their products, the world (and our studios) would be a better place!


Erik E. Hines

Production Director

CRN Digital Radio, Sunland, CA



I am a big fan of the Adrenalinn III. I find it to be very inspirational! This box is truly amazing. I have a number of amp sims, and this one sounds best to my ears.


- Peter Weldon



I've been pleased, almost beyond words, by the upgrade. Its various Jimi Hendrix-inspired presets were perfect for recreating an obscure novelty tune that was a favorite of mine from the late Sixties. Adrenalinn III made recording it a lot of fun as I delved into the new tones, timbres and tricks. The reverbs and delays are perfect. I have a very good octave fuzz and upon comparing it with the Adrenalinn's model found that there was, practically speaking, no difference between the two that would be discernible to a listener.


- George Smith



I installed the chips--no problems. First I want to say thank you to Roger Linn and all the rest who put their time in on the new chips. Second I want to say this thing in my estimation definitely sounds better than II. The new amp models are excellent. Roger, I don't know what you boys did but there is a huge improvement in the way the thing sounds through guitar amplifiers now. Thanks. Way less noise. In most cases I get zero noise. The magic box sounds awesome. Headphones WOW! Stereo PA WOW! Drums sound better than II as well and the new beats are awesome. The reverb is pretty dern decent too. All in all this box is a treasure and I am so glad I took the leap of faith in Roger and purchased the upgrade kit. At this point I am extatic with the box and have already written a new song with the bugger. Came across a drum beat and a particular effect, tweaked it and all of a sudden the bloody song came together and I am so pleased with the end result. Thanks Roger and your posse for an incredible job well done.


- Jonathan C Hall



I’m not a guitar player, I play keys in a live electronica/jam/house band.  I have found this box to be essential for breathing new life into older digital keyboards.  My main live board is a very “bread ‘n’ butter” board that’s now about 10 years old (an alesis qs8).  I bought it mainly as a midi controller but with the addition of basic piano, Rhodes and organ, thought it would be handy for various pick-up gigs.   But 90% of the sounds outside of the pianos and organs are unuseable to me, they just sound dated and uninteresting.


Enter the Adrenalinn III.


Now the most mundane sounds from this old board are made very interesting.  I have daily comments from spectators and fellow musicans about how lush are interesting these old sounds have become.  I love the modulating filters and the chorus  is just right.  The presets are terrific, but it’s ez to programm and I have used the 10 open slots to create my own “quick picks” for fast access.  I haven’t even gotten into the drums yet!  MIDI sync is a wonderful feature.  I can’t say enough about this box.  Buy it!


- Ed Hallborg



"I received the upgrade kit yesterday and installed it right away. To say this is an upgrade is an tremendous understatement. This really sounds great! I don't know what I was expecting but not something this cool. To my ears the amp sounds are much truer to the amps they are emulating than in past versions. But then it just gets better. The addition of reverb and compression really is the icing on the cake. Then there are the great sounding drums, the filter effects, time-based effects, etc. That is an awful lot of great, inspiring sounds crammed into a very portable little appliance. Tools like this are what makes playing the guitar such and exciting and rewarding pursuit."


- Jim Fitch



"The real beauty of this box is that all of the effects are SYNCHED TO THE BEAT. Sync to either the internal drum clock OR external midi source. Everything from a simple rootsy tremolo, to a mindbending arpeggiator, filter sequence  is automatically LOCKED to your beat. After using this feature on a song or two, you cannot live without it…You probably know the famous examples of this AdrenaLinn feature in action: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Bigger Than My Body. If you want to sound like everybody else, get a Pod. If you want your own sound, this is your box…The AdrenaLinn III has become an integral part of my recording and writing. Nothing else out there compares for all the functions this packs in."


- Kevin Dambruch, from his AdrenaLinn III review on Harmony Central



Received and successfully installed the upgrade today. It's an excellent improvement to a fantastic pedal. Many thanks for the great service and a great product.


- Tim Norman



Thanks Roger for making the best guitarist song writing tool, at an affordable price to armature musicians like me. It also happens to be my best hardware unit for creating electronic music/experimental music using a guitar.


- Chirag Patel




See also user reviews on Harmony Central

Guitarist (UK), March 2009




“...Roger Linn's AdrenaLinn is one of the funkiest, and most powerful, programmable guitar processors out there. ...The new update, however, is immensely powerful.”


"'s the ability to time sync the modulation and filter effects and delays that create the AdrenaLinn's unique groove parts and transform a blank chord progression or riff into something altogether more interesting."


“...If you're into finding new rhythms and textures, the AdrenaLinn III has to be explored. For simple sketch pad ideas, or creating parts both live and in the studio, the AdrenaLinn is unique and inspiring, with plenty of old-style tones and modernistic sounds onboard. If your playing is stuck in a rut, here's something that might unleash your creativity.”


"We dislike: Nothing. It's too much fun!"


Click here to view full review




Sound On Sound (UK), October 2008


“...the magic starts to happen when you get one of those compulsive drum rhythms playing along with a sync’ed, sequenced filter, transforming your guitar part into a powerful rhythmic pad or percussion sound. Every preset gives you fresh compositional ideas...”


“...if you’re looking for fresh sounds to liven up rock tracks, or are involved in something more experimental, it is absolutely inspiring.”


“The AdrenaLinn III offers a unique and inspiring approach to rhythmic effects for guitar and has the benefit of some seriously punchy built-in rhythms. There’s nothing like the AdrenaLinn in the hardware market, and you’d be hard pressed to achieve similar results in the software world.”


Click here to view full review




Harmony Central (Craig Anderton), Summer 2008


"One of the Hippest Guitar Effects Ever Just Got Better"


"Those using the AdrenaLinn as a "bread and butter" effect as well as for all the cool synched stuff will be delighted with the 40 new and improved amp models (including four bass amps). With the original AdrenaLinn, the models seemed more like an afterthought but that's no longer the case: In addition to offering more variety, the models are much more "responsive" in the sense of responding better as they go into heavier saturation, and don't have the occasional "murkiness" of the originals. There's also a Drive control so you can tailor the sounds better. These models get a major thumbs-up."


“This is one of those rare boxes I literally cannot do without, because not only is it great: There's nothing else like it.”


Click here to view full review




Remix, June 2008


“AdrenaLinn III's amp models sound amazing. I own a Line 6 POD XT Live and basically every guitar software title out there, and I was downright impressed with AdrenaLinn III's amp models.”


“Overall, the AdrenaLinn III has a lot to love. The MIDI sync capability is almost worth the price of admission. The modulation and delay effects offer up a limitless well of creative fodder that will no doubt influence the way you play and write. ...if you're looking to create shoegaze-inspired textures or if you're a deft EBow user, you'll find much potential here. The filter and tremolo sequences when combined with the delay are an awesome way to create sonic nirvana.”


“If you're a guitarist or bassist who enjoys venturing toward the experimental, your money will be well spent. You won't find many guitar-effects products that incorporate MIDI and sync capabilities at such a core level.”


Click here to view full review




Future Music (UK), March 2008


“At the price, it’s a steal, so if you need guitar-gargling gratification, this new Linn delivers affordably.”


Click here to view full review




Electronic Musician, March 2008


“The models in the AdrenaLinn I and II were solid, but the AdrenaLinn III brings them to a new level. The result is far more sensitivity and realism in response to playing dynamics. I was particularly impressed by the authentic response in the level of overdrive that resulted when I adjusted my guitar's volume knob. The new amp models sound excellent either by themselves or in tandem with the Modulation effects.”


“If you're looking for an excellent-sounding and unique effects box for the studio or your guitar rig, you can't go wrong with the AdrenaLinn III...”





Remix Jan 2008


Annual Technology Award for 2007 year




Frugal Guitarist (web site), May 2009


“The amp modeling offerings are surprisingly good...The cleaner tones are lively, with excellent sustain and the heavy tones are capable of brutal amounts of chunk...Particularly impressive were the big warm lows of the Marshall JTM-45, the subtle breakup of the Fender Twin, the krang and tight low-end of the Marshall Plexi, and the Diezel VH4, whose ultra smooth breakup and cutting high-end were perfect for lead shredding."


"...the real fun begins when you unlock the magic of the beat-synched modulation effects...Quite simply, the AdrenaLinn III is extremely unique in its approach and is capable of sounds I’ve never heard from another unit...I literally spent hours jamming different time synched effects and barely scratched the surface. You can get almost any sound you can imagine from rhythmically complex stutters to whacked out spaceships ascending into the great beyond, and everything in-between."


"The AdrenaLinn III is a very impressive unit; one that not only provides a vivid aural palette for guitarists to create their tones, but is likely to inspire many to look beyond their typical tonal horizon. It’s no surprise that the AdrenaLinn III has made its way into many professional guitarists’ rigs, including John Mayer and Peter Frampton. In fact, I’m a bit surprised I don’t see it far more regularly."




Studio Magazine (Sweden), March 2008


Click here to view review



"I've kind of mucked around with that AdrenaLinn - the Roger Linn piece. I think that's a fabulous piece of equipment. It's basically a sequencer, but it's got some great sounds."


—Eric Clapton, excerpted from his June 2004 interview in Vintage Guitar magazine




"I started messing around with the AdrenaLinn and very soon found this combination of the beat and the arpeggiator. I've never heard a guitar do that before. I just stayed there in that room for like two or three hours. I have the Pro Tools session and you can hear the development of the song ['Bigger Than My Body'], each part coagulating. I remember thinking to myself, This is really strong, this really makes me feel good."


—John Mayer, excerpted from his November 2003 interview in Britain's Guitarist magazine




"...Nick [Franglen, producer] had a bass player who came in to play on the track Things and he brought in an AdrenaLinn. Once we'd checked it out Nick and I both immediately ordered one each... It's such a great bit of gear."


—John Cale, excerpted from his June 2004 interview in Future Music magazine




"We've started rehearsing for a Peter Gabriel tour, I'm playing guitar, using a big rack full of gear. Half way through rehearsing, we had to go and headline a 20,000 people festival where we could only take instruments, no amps, nothing. So I reprogrammed the Adrenalinn to do everything the rack did in about half an hour, did the show with that alone and it sounded fantastic, the gig was a great success. Well done for making a great box."


"It's also worth mentioning that I was supposed to play guitar and keys on this tour, but with the adrenalinn, I can cover everything the keyboards would have done with guitar"



Richard Evans, guitarist with Peter Gabriel




"This purple box is the most creative, powerful , & useful , tool I have ever come across. The effects,amp modeling, & drums sounds are all top notch and Truly inspirational!!" it could have only been created by Roger Linn."


—Warren Cuccurullo/ ASCAP award winning guitarist /musician-Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Duran Duran




Who needs a quote? Check out this photo...


Pictured: Gary Kemp, founder member of 80s band Spandou Ballet and star of the flim "The Krays"




"I have found the AdrenaLinn to be that one extra step beyond the world of all my other guitar pedals. I love using it for particularly unusual treatments. On bass, I've been able to achieve some very unusual ambiance; sounds that have a hint of rhythm in them (via the arpeggiator and/or drum machine) and create a very mysterious, alien texture. It's a great box; I've turned several producers on to it at recording sessions. Nice job! Way to be different."


—Justin Meldal-Johnsen, bassist for Beck, Air, Macy Gray, Tori Amos and others including his own band Ima Robot on Virgin Records.




"Thanks.....The Adrenalinn II is amazing, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface. It would take 5 other boxes to do half the things the Adrenalinn II does, and you cant find ANY other boxes that will do the other half!"


—Smith Curry, guitarist for Kid Rock



"The Adrenalinn II is packed with fresh, extremely useful sounds. It's a tiny box that's filled with sounds that are inspiring and fun. I love the tight tempo locking effects and how easy it is to use."


- Jan Stevens, composer for television. Credits include The Sopranos, Friends, American Idol, Saturday Night Live, Oprah, CNN and many more.



"Having just used the Adrenalinn I for Quentin Tarantino's recent Kill Bill movie, I was thrilled to learn that I had just won an Adrenalinn II through Roger Linn's weekly drawing. Thank you guys so much - the Adrenalinn series will always be my first choice."


- Shranny, Singer/songwriter, TV & Film Composer,



"When I read that Roger Linn was coming out with a guitar box, I went on line and bought it immediately. I can honestly say that almost every album I have worked on is based around an MPC drum machine, and I know that anything he puts his name on is going to kick ass. I'm not disappointed. I've been having fun with it, and let me tell you that everyone groups around it when I pull it out (the AdrenaLinn). Anyhow, thanks Roger, and I'm looking forward to the upgrade."


- Aaron Fishbein

Guitarist, guitar credits include Christina Aguilera, DMX, Beyonce,

Enrique Iglesias, Brandy, and Sly and Robbie



"The AdrenaLinn II rocks! I've run my DX7, Minimoog, Nord Lead, and Nord Modular through it, and it makes them all sound great. It's got balls deluxe. Needless to say -- um, Roger Linn knows a thing or two about the subject -- the drum sounds and patterns are killer, too. When I turn the AdrenaLinn II on, it makes me want to play all night long."


- Mark Vail

Author of Vintage Synthesizers and synthesist for WSDOR (Within Shouting Distance of Reality)



"Roger, you have been reading my mind, Ive been hearing these sounds for years. Finally i can use 'that sound' on the records I produce, and the records Iplay on. This Box not only is perfect for guitar, beat based, filter fx, it is also great on a dedicated send from the console. Vocals, vinyl samples, djs, come to life, with this box. For Pro Tools, it's the ultimate 'Plug In'."


—John Pisciotta

producer, guitarist, writer

Credits: Michael Omartian, Vince Gill, Avalon, Steven Curtis Chapman, Robin Welty, Amy Grant , Peter Cetera, Steve Austin, Christopher Cross and more.



“It wasn’t until we mixed the record that we found the right effect,” Harrison says. “When we were at Metropolis Studios in Melbourne mixing with Andy Baldwin, we asked him if he had something that could really mash up the vocals, and out came the Roger Linn AdrenaLinn box. We tweeked for a while until we got the effect we wanted, put on a bit of delay and reverb and EQed the vocal slightly [with an Avalon 2055 Class A] to sit it back on the track."


- Chris Harrison, Engineer for Morcheeba (commenting on their new track "What's Your Name?" with Big Daddy Kane)



“This new [AdrenaLinn II] update is incredible! The new bypass modes are really useful, as well as the new amp modeling, parameter layout and presets! What a piece of work! BTW, the 'One Bar Overdub' and '2 Bar synch delay' presets are a blast to play with- it's hard to stop playing with them...There are so many great improvements that I had no idea needed improving upon! I'm getting the word out that this is a 'must have' upgrade!"


- Jerry McPherson, top Nashville session guitarist




"I use AdreneLinn as a sonic ingredient blended in my Hip-Hop tracks to create a never before heard new millenium textures.


I am in, wait,....lust...with AdrenaLinn. As a producer who gets off on experimenting with strange and exotic sonic creations, I am in heaven. I spent 6 hours one night exploring various possibilities on just one line of vocals! One word of warning, though:

If your time budgeting skills are not at their peak, you may end up upsetting a lot of people (The wife, the kids, the A&R person, your manager, the bill collector etc.). This is an experimenter's dream!


You may want to sharpen you time budgeting skills before getting sucked into adrenaLinn. Once it has it's grip on your ears, it may be an entire calender day before you are able to escape.


Before I do an AdrenaLinn session, I call my wife to let her know I won't be home from the studio for dinner, or breakfast.


It's purple - that's cool.


I didn't even bother to read the manual. I just dove in a started twisting around sounds in ways that I never could before.


Finally, an arrpegiator style sound module that guitarists can sink their fingers into to. (Bass, too).


AdrenaLinn tapped directly into my 'Mad Scientist of Sound' vibe.


Go get AdrenaLinn now..... you can thank me later."


—Joe Solo - Macy Gray: Writer / Producer, Famous Music Publishing: Head Writer / Producer, Rami Jaffe: (The Wallflowers) Producer, Joy Enriquez: Writer / Producer




"The amp models are so true, everything from Sparkly-Clean to Extra-Crusty to Thick Gain, and the Mod effects are killer! I've used the Adrenalinn on several records (2pac's 'Better Dayz' and Siedah Garrett's upcoming release are the most recent), and it's always surprising other players, producers & engineers. It's running smooth in my studio every day-I keep it sync'd to my system, so cutting modulated filter effects and tremelo parts is easy and rock-solid. The possibilities seem endless with this box! Thanx again for creating a one-of-a-kind tool."


—Michael "Fish" Herring - L.A. Session Guitarist & Producer - Guitarist with Christina Aguilera




"As a 'techno guitarist,' the AdrenaLinn has not only simplified my stage setup tremendously, it lets me program truly cutting-edge sounds that fit this type of music like a glove -- there's something magical about combining the guitar's organic sound with the AdrenaLinn's synth-like veneer. For those who crave originality, AdrenaLinn is the real deal."


—Craig Anderton,-- guitarist for Rei$$dorf Force and author on electronic music




"I love my Adrenalinn(s)! After buying one for my studio rig, I had to buy another to use at home! Finally I now have tremolos, filters, flanging wah effects that are sync'd to the track! For me this one box has replaced 3 spaces of rack gear and a laptop all dedicated to syncing effects to a track. This is so much easier and it sounds great, too! Producers here are now starting to ask 'Did you bring an Adrenalinn pedal?' -just like they'd ask if you had brought a wah or fuzz pedal. It's already a classic!"


—Jerry McPherson, top Nashville session guitarist




"The ADLinn 2 takes an already kick’en piece of gear to the next level. The new amps rock hard, and give you a ton more of choices. The effects like the first are as cutting edge as they get, and it’s a breez to use.


It’s my secret little weapon of choice, to get a reel original & fresh sound is an otherwise crowded market.


I have been using the Adrenalinn for about 3 months now, and it's about as addictive as crack !!. It's given me a sound that's fresh, and new. There's nothing out there like it, and I love those boutique products, that only a select few own. The amps rock, and syncing to a specific tempo is perfect for TV/Film work.


I could go on, but all I have to say is the Sans Amp & POD are gathering dust."


—Jason Moss, TV & Film Composer, Singer/songwriter,




Just got the AdrenaLinn II and wow!! What can I say? This is one amazing box. I have been meaning to get one for the longest time but never got around to it. My wife gave it to me as a Christmas gift and it immediately became indespensable for my writing and production right out of the box. In fact, two days after receiving it, I used it on 6 pieces I had to write and it became part of my tone palette very quickly. I can't wait to bring it on some of my session work. I had always heard that the sequence and timed effects were unique and very useful but what I had not realized was how amazing the amp sounds are! They blow away the software guitar amp plug ins I have been using a lot recently. At 2 in the morning, given the choice of pulling up an amp plug in and mucking about for an hour with a mouse or just plugging the AdrenaLinn in and playing, I'll now opt for the latter.


You really get the feel as well as the sound, of playing through a real live tubed up, fire breathing guitar amp. You can feel it in your fingers somehow. The amp sounds in the AdrenaLinn would be worth the price tag alone if that was all the box were about. Throw in the unique effects and drum sounds and it becomes apparent that the AdrenaLinn is one of the great bargains of all time. In my work, it's important that I get great sounds quickly. This madd, fonky, little miracle box provides me with an "inspiration burst" as well. It provides lots of "happy accidents" musically.


Then again, I don't know why I would be surprised. I have never programmed a piece of music without either my MPC 60 or MPC 3,000 so it stands to reason that something created by Roger Linn would be easy to use, sound great, and actually DO WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL DO! A lot of new gear is all about tweak options without solid , useful sounds. Not so here. the AdrenaLinn II is the real deal.


I produce and create the NYCutz line of sample CDS for Zero G and I assure you that this wonderous little yellow box will be on just about every cut of the NYCutz #4 project I am beginning as well as my new solo guitar album.


Thank you Roger for once again giving us a creative tool for writing music.


- Vinnie Zummo , former seven year Joe Jackson band guitarist, NYC session player, and producer of the award winning series of NYCutz sample CDs.




I own one of the original AdrenaLinns, and have recently upgraded to The Adrenalinn II. I am a guitarist / studio producer / engineer. I have recently finished recording Joan Jett's latest release "Naked". I used the Adrenalinn's amp models on many of the tracks. I took one signal direct, and put the other signal through a KJL Boutique Amplifier.


The tone we got was unreal...what made it even cooler was the presets were soooooo close to what we needed that very little tweaking was had to be done. I have used many other products including that little red bean thing.....I will tell you THIS BLOWS IT AWAY! The amp models are RIDICULOUS! I am not endoursed or being paid to say this!


I just REALLY love this little cool box! I also use it live with my band, and it never fails me!

I forgot to mention all the other cool stuff like the synced modulation effects, the built-in sampled drum loops, the sequencer.


I also must note that this unit is so well thought out that it is a breeze to edit and save presets. Roger Linn has always been someone I have respected. His ability to invent and create musical products that change the way people make music will never cease to amaze me. By the way he got the best team on the planet to build this baby. Does Dave Smith, or Tom Oberhiem ring a bell?

If you're a serious want this box!


Roger keep up the great work!


-- Peter Kuperschmid, guitarist / studio producer / engineer,




"The Adrenalinn is an amazing tool that is capable of bringing new life into the sounds of the guitar, especially for the electronic textures we were weaving.


Once we dug a little deeper into the possibilities of the box using variations on the arppegiator and filters, a whole new door opened. Some of the newly created user presets were enough to inspire new thoughts and direction.


You can hear the Adrenalinn making appearances on at least four of the final tracks used on the "Perfect Life" CD. The Adrenalinn is an essential part of my arsenal live and in the studio. Thank you for such an innovative and exciting product."


-- Dayton Borders, guitarist, keyboardist, sitarist, synthesist, producer, has worked with and performed with members from bands such as Yes, The Moody Blues, and Crosby Stills Nash and young.




"I've been experimenting with new sounds. For instance on 'Invisible Man' I use a new effects pedal which I really like. It's called the AdrenaLinn and is made by a genius called Roger Linn. It helped me create the rhythmic guitar effect that you'll hear on that track. It also has the ability to sync into MIDI, which is a great help."


—Steve Rothery of UK band Marillion, excerpted from his spring 2004 interview in fan magazine "The Web UK"




"I got it on Sat, recorded sunday, the music was in the show monday and now they want all the other temp stuff out and MORE NEW adrenalinn music in - really a cool box, thank you so much - reminds me a little of my Korg Karma - the menus are fine once you get the hang - I just wanted you to know how happy I am with it and how it's making my life better!


Our company is No Wonder Music and the AdrenaLinn is now in TWO shows we're currenly scoring: 'Glory Days' a sports series on Spike TV this fall and a great documentary about college debate teams called "Brain Sports" for The College Sports Network - the Adrenalinn was made for this show! I like feeding other instuments besides guitar into it - particularly other drum machines! very cool. I know we're going have to buy a few more units because I'm not sharin' mine with anybody! thanks so much Roger."


-- John Wiggins




"I love your device it just sounds better than any other amp modeler on the market. I have tried every amp modeler out there and your little yellow device completely surpasses everyone of them. I hope you make a third one cause I would love to see one made, because Roger Linn makes the best amp modelers out there."


Daniel G. (6/2006)




"Ah and now the Adrenalinn II 2.12. This thing sends shivers down my spine every time I hit a note. There's not a bad patch in the unit and thus no reason to change a thing...Thanks Again for the most impressive piece of gear that I've ever purchased. When you can sit and play one chord and be enchanted for an hour you got something that's got to say something.


Warm Regards to you and all the staff at Roger Linn."


- Wayne Bjorken, Harlingen, TX




"I must say that for a multi-effects pedal AND a drum machine, this thing kicks more ass than Rambo. The effects are sweet, the amp simulation is real sounding, and the ease-of-use is an added bonus!


The only downside is that it's a bright yellow pedal that looks like no other, so EVERYONE that sees it wants to play with it! I suppose that's the price to be paid for having some really cool and handy gear.


Keep up the ass kicking."


-- Tim Szakszon




"Hi Roger,


I just updated my Adrenalinn 2 (one of the first you made, without headphone jack, updated in 2.0 for some times) in 2.12. Well, the job you’ve done is incredible. The amp models sounds very nice. I first purchased the Adrenalinn 1 for dynamic filter sounds only, but now, i’m really fond of your amp modelisation sounds.


Plus, the new presets are really nice done! GREAT SOUND… If the sound is not good, it’s the fingers who are wrong, no other solution.


You should receive royalties from all users, as today, where can we find an instrument or an effect which is not completely updated after 6 month ??? The sound is always good, and don’t seem « old », like so much material built with bad AD/DA converters. No, the Adrenalinn stays original and so good. Nothing sounds like it. It should be in every modern guitarist’s bag.


Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux effet / thanks a lot for this wonderful effect."


--Luc Walter




"Hey all at RLD – I’ve been messing with my newly-upgraded-to-v.2.1 Adrenalinn II and I just have to give you major props on the improved amp models. I’ve really dug the unit for a while now, (I picked it up about a year ago) but I mostly used it as an effects processor in front (or in the FX loop) of another amp. I thought that the models were fine for playing around at home, but I always found them lacking a bit in the “face” department – not anymore. The “CAB” model RULES!


I’m so stoked with the tones that I’m going to use it (and only it) Tuesday (May 16) when my band (The Blackout Effect) performs on Nickelodeon’s U-Pick Live – I can’t wait to hear it “on the air”! Again, a great piece of gear and now I love it even more."


--Jeff G.




"I was hoping you had a support group for AdrenaLinn II junkies. I've only had mine for about 5 hours, and I think I'm Jimi Hendrix/Eric Clapton/Eddie Van Halen all rolled into one. I'm gonna lose sleep with this thing... I hope you're happy! Now I'm gonna be tired at work, probably get fired and... wait then I can play guitar more... That sounds pretty good. Just wanted to write and say the Adrenalinn II is great, and I wish I had one when I was a teenager (20 years ago)."


-- Mark Duncan




"Just writing to say THANK YOU! I just fired up my new Adrenalinn II today and it's just amazing. It's a very inspirational gadget! I just composed a track in about 6 hours using nothing but Adrenalinn, lots of FX, and a piano, and I've got a very cool vibey track that I never would have come up with without this unit. AMAZING! Worth every penny! Thanks!"


-- Bryan Golder




"Hi guys. I am a 46 year old acoustic rock blues guy who has played acoustic for a real long time. Not well mind you, but a real long time. My patterns and licks feel stale at times, and I keep on looking for ways to excite my playing. I just opened my Adrenalinn II and played for the past 45 minutes. I was 20 minutes late getting back for lunch. It would have been longer had I not had someone come looking for me. My eyes opened wide from the first chord. The sound is amazing. The is tone elusive and beautiful. I have not liked the more aggressive guitar amplifiers because in my humble opinion they always seemed to sacrifice that musical tone in exchange for shredding volume. The Adrenalinn II is very musical and makes the guitarist far better in mere seconds. It was like someone turned on a switch in my head and I could see for the first time. Simply amazing. Musical, harmonics, just beautiful. Earth moving. I know that all this sounds extreme, but it is not often at the age of 46 that I find something that so easily changes my abilities. I would recommend this to anyone, acoustic lovers or electric alike. Your work and efforts are greatly appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would spend twice as much to get another one of these if this were ever stolen. You are a genius, thank you."


-- Gene Gorski




"Just had to write and let you know I picked up an Adrenalinn II today and I am amazed with the sounds that I’m getting out of it! I can’t stop playing it, even though I have a rack-full of high-end Rocktron, Roland, and Marshall amps and FX, this little box just beats them all for pure exciting fun. It is the most innovative and inspiring guitar product I have tried for years. Thank you!!"


-- Simon Dickason




"I have just witnessed the Great - Roger Linn - Demonstrate this piece of kit at Sounds Expo (London UK) 2004. I was so impressed I Purchased it there and then, got it signed by the man himself and now sits in my home studio doing it's job.


This has to be the most exciting and easy to use bits of kit for Jamming, and getting something down real quick. Playing along to this thing, im a keyboard player, is just totally expressive. Im playing and writing at the same time… I don’t need my sequencer or Mac turned on to get productive, Just plug in and go.


The only thing is I may have to learn the guitar now…thanks a lot….The Amp Modeler is just smokin…HUGE


Roger you’re a star, thanks very much….And a pleasure to chat in person. Now that’s what I call Cutomer service… "


Mike - Home Studio - DJ/Composer


"It's my new best friend, one that that will jam with me all night. This is quite simply untouchable!"


-- Mat Roberts




"Here's the part where we say screw you to all the other amp modelers. I've owned two pods and returned them both for having a boxy sound with no harmonics or pick attack quality. I have a gnx2 which I've squeezed a few good basic amp sounds BUT require the use of expensive front-end pedals to get results. There's a few good tones on the tonelab and the j-station was dark and fizzy. The adrenalinn 2 is head and shoulders above the crowd. Roger proudly has the recto patch at the #1 preset because he got it right. The marshall jtm 45 & 50 are so excellent you'll pea in your pants. the fenders are pretty damn good, almost perfect, and with a little tweaking the vox will beat tonelab at it's own game.


Try twisting the amp drive knob and listen to the creamy buzz-free results. The filters are icing on the cake. The presets are sooooo much fun to play around with. You can tell roger is very proud of this unit by the time he spent creating the presets.


No need for an amp. The direct tone is better than your mic'd up amp any day of the week. and Roger doesn't mess it up with a dozen cab or mic placement choices. He used perfect judgement on our behalf...There's a small group of us who own this baby. we collectively spit on the rest of the world. Of course I'd replace it if lost or stolen."


Overall rating: 10 (of 10)


-- Posted by cereal on




"With so many choices out there, nothing can come close to the way the AdrenaLinn II sounds. The sounds are just amazing. In contrast to most other machines out there the AdenaLinn makes them look whimpy. If I was those other guys I'd start to worry.


Look people, there is nothing else out there like it. It's quiet, the sounds are everything that you ever dreamed about, and best of all it even comes with a great sounding drum machine and a sequencer. I'd also like to thank Roger Linn and his staff for a product that is truly innovative. To me the adenalinn II is worth its weight in gold and yes I'd buy it in an instant again if it were lost or stolen. Kudos to you Mr Linn from one happy camper."


Overall rating: 10 (of 10)


-- Posted by Peter L on




"I passed on digital gear until quite rcently because the sampling rates until late just did not "fool" my ears enough. I was/am one of those guitar players who felt digital devices like all that multi-processor crap from the nineties sounded cold, sterile, contrived and horrible. I built an all analog rig w/high end pedals and a great class A single channel amp. But, started hearing some decent sounds out of the new modeling boxes, and other recent dtuff, and stumbled across this thing. I spent a lot of time listening to all the clips from the web site, and then checked out the Adrenalinn at a shop and was astounded at the sound quality: now my ears are fooled. This newest generation of digital stuff--of which the adrenallin is a sterling example--replicates analog warmth, detail and depth to a truly incredible degree. I like it. I suppose things will only get better from here. People, this thing is pro all the way and Roger Linn should design some more boxes because he knows what the hell he is doing.


I'm out of the honeymoon phase and I still get the grins when I play through it...If I had a box of this quality and versatility when I was 19 I would have ruled the world. A truly incredibly sounding device that taps into your own creativity...I would re-purchase it immediately if it was stolen/lost. The beat-snyched stuff is like being in a high end recording studio. The black face deluxe amp model, too my ears, is fantastic, as is the Hendrix setting, the twin reverb (I dial the gain up a little more and add some delay) and the Marshall JT 45 (I back the gain off a little), and many others. The univibe is pure Trower. I love many more of the sounds, effects and pre-sets but am getting too long-winded here. This box stands out--there's nothing else like it out there. Congrats to Roger and his team. They've created a new benchmark for digital design and sound quality."


Overall rating: 10 (of 10)


-- posted by Kyle Heller on




"This rig is the best sounding multi-effects box that I have played. I went to the local music store and wanted to compare major brand multi-effect machines. I played the GT-6, Digitech GNX 3, and Pod xt, and as far as out of the box sound, the Adrenalinn II blows these boxes away. I do wish the Adrenalinn was better set up for a foot control for access, these other units are better situated for this. But the sound quality is worth the seat time to get use to the process. The amp mods are great and very warm and full, I didn't get that digital sound like I did from the others. I run this baby through a Reverb Deluxe with my Les Paul, and Tele and Wow!!!


I bought the old version and immediatly upgraded to the Adrenalinn II. This is what is cool with Roger Linn. He produced a great product, changed it and then offered an upgrade kit for a low price. Unlike most effects makers where you have to buy a whole new unit. The chip replacement went very easy and took me 20 minutes from start to finish.


This thing rocks! The best sound out of a box that I've heard, plus you get a great "Synced" Drum machine. If I was to get this stolen, I would order a new one the same day. They are hard to find to test one out, but worth the trip to where ever you have to go."


Overall rating: 10 (of 10)


-- Posted by avery on




"I play anything non commercial and must say that the beat synced filters are the absolute best I ever heard in a guitar box.Playing for about 17 years now this must be the most innovative guitar processor since the invention of the multi effect. If it would get stolen or lost I would buy one the same day I found out without a doubt. To be short this little box inspired me more than anything I bought in a longtime and there's really nothing more I need for recording."


Overall rating: 10 (of 10)


-- Posted by Martin (843) on





"Within seconds of plugging my guitar in, I was jamming along with the presets and editing my own sounds. The amp models are brilliant, ranging from hi gain metal to crystal cleans. I've been using the hi gain sounds the most and playing along with the drum presets is so much fun, it makes a great practice tool. The beat sync'd effects are superb and with the filter FX you can get some great guitar synth sounds. I used to have a VG88 and I think this thing is way better and simpler to use. I am already inspired to write some new songs with my Adrennalinn and with the drum, guitar, bass sounds you can get with the Adrennalinn, you could write songs with just this one box...


...Also I noticed with some of the filters on the Adrenalinn II that they sound a lot like a Korg Wavestation or a Sequential Circuits Prophet VS with those animated moving filters. Sounds fantastic...


...This is one serious guitar rig, its sure to be a classic and makes playing the guitar so much fun. The range of sounds it can produce is incredible and will take you down new musical avenue's. I look forward to future updates to see what else it will do. The Adrennalinn II is not just a beat sync'd filter / FX box, is a complete guitar rig with a programmable drum machine to boot. I cannot recommend the Adrenalinn enough. Its that good !!!."


Overall rating: 10 (of 10)


-- Posted by Justin Grostate on




"Wow, I wrote 3 songs today... the first day I had the AII. What an awesome tool, I only made it to page 3 of the manual and was busy for more than 6 hours, making stuff up, recording it.. oh my, it is as good as I had hoped. What is really cool is some of the presets seem like they are unusable until you play a variety of styles, then wham, you see what Roger is getting at... I just love this thing."


Overall rating: 10 (of 10)


-- Posted by Randy Phelps on




"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my extreme satisfaction with the Adrenalinn II. I just upgraded from the version 1.6 [AdrenaLinn 1] and want to extend kudos for not only a superior product to the other similar products (I have owned and used them all) but also to the responsive customer support I received regarding the setup of my rig with the Adrenalinn. Superior tones by a superior company. You guys rock!!!"


Gary Sintes,, Palm Harbor, Florida




"We were initially using the line 6 Pod Pro & Bass Pod Pro for distorting the keyboards into guitars & screwing around with the bass but somehow they were not quite sounding as good as we'd hoped. As an experiment we plugged in the upgraded adrenalinn and everyone was amazed. Needless to say the AdrenaLinn is featured on the album and the Pod Pro is not!"


— Moose - alaska highway -




"I'm hooked on this little indigo beast....I can't tell you how many heads spin when I play live with some of the sequence patches....musicians' jaws drop and "normal" people behave like their heads will explode!....When I drop some adrenalinn mojo on covers, they at once became personalized yet still recognizable and somehow "new" again.


ps: I traded my Pod 2.0 for the adrenalinn due to the strength of the amp models alone and I don't miss it one bit!"


— David "Blaze" Sepowski from the band "The Vibewranglers", New York




"What can I say hardware strikes back.I've just installed the upgrade chips ......dead easy. Thanks Roger for a great product and a hardware product with an upgrade path for the bedroom muso."


— John Holt aka Frankzerrox, Lincolnshire, England




"Roger Linn Design may well be a "small company" - as stated in the user manual - but the Adrenalinn is HUGE! Adrenalinn packs every guitar player's dreams in one box."


— Jac, Switzerland





"I recently bought a used Adrenalinn at a local music store. I just wanted to let you guys know that I think the adrenalinn is great. It's easy and fun to use. The interface is cool, a lot can quickly be done even though it's somewhat minimal ( I have the DSI Evolver too, so I was right at home!). Anyway, thanks for a great product. Whoever sold this must have really needed the money (brain transplant or a really bad crack habit?) I can't understand how anyone could part with it."


And added on 8/17/04:


"I bought a used Adrenalinn some time ago. Like I said before, who ever sold it was crazy. The Adrenalinn is incredible. In addition I bought an Adrenalinn II (which I bought new this time!). Yes, I had to have two. I like it so much that I wanted another. I use the two Adrenalinns together along with an Evlover and another synth. The two units together can make some really great beats, especially when each of the beats are routed through different effects presets. I have plans to buy a third Adrenalinn to chain together with the others which I'm saving for now. I'm addicted to the Adrenalinn!!!"


- Rusty Skelding, Ohio




"I just wanted to send an email to let you know how much I love the adrenalinn. I've been a big fan of the MPC series for years, and the mpc is my main tool for beat creation. I find that the adrenalinn has the same beatiful groove characteristics of other linn products and it's layout and design are very well structured for maximum creativity. The drum machine has a great lock to it and the sounds are classic linn. At first I wasn't sure about the amp sims, I've been a hardcore pod user for along time and still love it, but the adrenalinn is something totally different. The more I use the amp sounds the more I like them.I find them especially handy in live situations as the adrenalinn doesn't produce the extended artificial top and bottom end that the pod does. It seems to be easier to control in a mix and in on stage monitoring. But it's in the studio where the unit is unbeatable. The wild effects and groove implementations are something I have not yet found achie vable in a signal unit. Having all of the functions in one unit gives me the ability to come up with original sounds very quickly and Intuitively. The adrenalinn as with other linn products works so well in the production process. Something else that distinguishes the adrenalinn is that everything works! The beats are tight, the sounds are expressive, the FX are rich and the amp tones something truely unique. It is a very stable and reliable piece of gear. As was with the case of the MPC, it's this kind of technology the cultivates new genres and types of music. The audiences I've played to love the soundof the adrenalinn, and to me thats what it's all about."


--Danny Dharumasena, Australia




"I am quite impressed with the ALinn II amps, very much enhanced compared with v1. However, the beauty is the effects section and that has been immensely improved with v2 IMHO. I was using other boxes to feed into the Alinn v1 to use the effects but I don't need that because the new amps are very good and more controllable compared to v1.


The demos on the web site gives you an idea but there is so much more that you can do with it. Some, if not all, of the complexity and sophistication of Alinn v1 is still available but it has been hidden since a lot of users do not need it. But it is there and well documented in the manual.


I liked v1 and hesitated to upgrade but I am very pleased with it and I definitely recommend that you do, assuming that you already have the AdrenaLinn. I also have a Zoom PS02 - which I like but has some limitations - and the original POD which is great. I find the amps in the Alinn are now on par with the POD and there are more of them.


If you do not have the Alinn, check it out because there is nothing comparable on the market, AFAIK."


--Ulf Hedstrand, satisfied AdrenaLinn II customer




"Roger, God bless you for thinking of the Adrenalinn. I cannot beleive how f****** good this thing is. If you were British I would forward your name for a Knighthood. This box is incredible and has opened up so many sonic possibilities to me I almost feel like weeping. If you don't get extremely rich for coming up with this then there is something wrong. You deserve all the plaudits and money you get. Keep up the good work."


—Dave Kane, Satisfied Adrenalinn Customer





"My name is Thomas White and I am one of the electronic music producers out here who has purchased one of your Adrenalinn Machines. I am truly impressed with the logical layout, easy functionality and immediate satisfaction I have received from using your machine.


MIDI compatibility: Plug it in and boom it sync's up! So easy I could die. Immediately adding sync'ed up grooves and beats to my Acid and Cubase projects.


Sound quality: AMAZING, none of my computer DSP plug ins can even come close to the flexibilty in this little purple magic box. The routing of the beats to the filters and amps is insane alone but when I got into running my keyboards through the box to get beat sync'ed tremelo and flange etc, the little bugger really jumped out in front of other gear I normally use (with a little tempo guess-work I must add)


Flexibilty: I can see this used in my live electronic music performances right off due to its MIDI sync features and accurate timing. Plug and play hardware that is amazing considereing the total number of things you can do with the box. I truly appreciate the way you can use the stereo outs for separating tacks into the computer or board. I can here those beats and jam over them with a preset FX while not recording it all together. Brilliant!


Thanks for the fun box and I now feel confident to buy Mr. Dave Smith's Evolver due to your (Mr.Linn's) co-design work and time put in. You are to be commended once again for a new idea or at least being the first guy to have the idea and make it a reality for the music world. Bravo and I guess I sould've known coming from the creator of legendary drum machines. My only question... Whats NEXT???"


Thomas White

Satisfied Adrenalinn Customer




"BTW, this is one of the coolest things. I bought mine from Sweetwater

because they had a good return policy and I had a discount coupon from

them. I asked about the return policy, which the guy explained, and he

said, "But I really don't think you'll be returning this. It's pretty

sweet." He was right - I love the Adrenalinn. I could probably benefit

from a few weeks of intensive study w/it, but it's definitely cool, and

usually the first thing I look to for recording guitar. It's especially

nice to have a phaser where I can control the length of the sweep

accurately. That alone was probably worth the price - but the amp sims

are pretty good, too.




Alan Tignanelli

Satisfied Adrenalinn Customer




"AdrenaLinn, a little box which defies all attempts to be put in one."


It's a beatbox, sure, and an effects unit, of course...but it does way, way more than that. It would take more space than we have here to describe what it can do - suffice to say we had a quick play and were pretty bowled over by it."






"I did get a chance to hear the new Roger Linn Adrenalinn this morning and although its not a synth in itself, it has the ability to change any synth, guitar, etc into a very unique sounding synth. It was really impressive."


-Bob Mondok, Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Sweetwater Forum




"First off, the coolest thing at the show was Roger Linn's new amp modeler, drum machine, modulation-effecting, midi-device -- the AdrenaLinn ($349)! Sell your Filter Factories and Seek Wahs now, before they are worth nothing! I already sold mine (at Broadway Music, of course)! Roger Linn invented (yes, invented) the drum machine. Now, he's developed a whole new device for guitarists that will revolutionize the way we think of effects. The AdrenaLinn offers amp modeling, classic filter effects, and a drum machine in one unit. Plus, it offers filter sequences, beat-synced modulation effects, and beat-synced delay. Trust me, you should buy this piece of gear! I just can't rave enough about the AdrenaLinn! Fortunately, Mr. Linn is sending us one for review. Stay tuned for an in-depth product review coming soon."


—, NAMM Report




"As a composer and guitarist for 25 years, I recognize a revolutionary idea when I find one. Your pedal is at the pinacle of a whole new understanding and approach to inspiration. I have been on the phone to all my friends back home and here in LA, demanding they buy this thing: 'It's impossible to explain in any terms that make sense. I can describe it to you and it won't come close to the level of inspriation it affords.' My brother, a tech head back on the east coast, said 'So what market is it going for?' I replied, 'Bryan, there is no market for this. When Linn first came out with the Linn drum, there was no market. Then his MPC - no market. Linn INVENTS markets.' This product is the first real passage way for guitarists to enter the ambient, film score, modern and electronica markets. It will revolutionize rock and roll like the Marshall stack and the delay pedal."


Joseph Bartone

Van Nuys, CA




"It's quite happy to operate as a signal processor for synthetic signals that are rich in harmonics, like a synthesizer. Certainly breathed some life and movement into an old Ensoniq SQ80. Great box."


-Rohan, on Yahoo! AdrenaLinn Group




“The presets allow you to immediately make great sounds. This has 'gee whiz' goin right out of the box. The Adrenalinn allows me to get sounds I want to use that heretofore requried a sampling keyboard and a bunch of filters. I would definitely get another if this one were stolen. It does give me ideas. Listen to Roger Linn's demo on his web site. Theres nothing around like this thing.”


-Posted by Kas Nelson on Harmony Central




“Very cool, nothing like it and especially nothing this small and cheap (Lexicon MPX and Eventide H3000D/SX have similar modulation matrices but are obviously far more expensive and complicated). Well done Roger!”


—Posted by Bob on Harmony Central




“This unit is very easy to use right from the get-go for the novice user, and surface-level editing to the 100 included excellent presets will be as far as most users take it, I imagine.


The sequenced filter and flanger FX in this box are excellently implemented and highly customizable, and most importantly, they sound great.


Let me start by saying that the concept this box represents has been a long time coming and the AdrenaLinn is the first (and most successful) to address this growing trend.


Without a doubt, the AdrenaLinn makes some unique sounds that nothing else currently on the market for guitarists can reproduce, and it does it with a very logical layout and compact, simplified editing procedures”


—Anonymous posting on Harmony Central





“Super sounds, some of the nicest modeling I've heard. The modulation effects are fun as are the drum patterns. Very handy to have all in one little box."


—Anonymous posting on Harmony Central




“I've had the Adrenalinn for a few days now, and want to say that this is a marvelous device. I am really impressed with all the power 'under the hood' and the more I use it the more I can appreciate the engineering that went into it. It truely opens some doors that no other pedal I've owned can do, and it will get a lot of use once I work out some user presets.”


—Posted by Dave Patterson on Harmony Central





“So far I'm mostly using the AdrenaLinn with a recent Gibson ES-335. Honestly, the 335 sounds better through this unit than any other ACTUAL amp that I've played it through.


The drum machine is everything I hoped it would be. Some darn fine preset rhythms built-in, with full programmability should the desire arise (with ease of use being the only caveat). Fun sounds - they're a great match for the electronica vibe that the filter effects produce.


Leading us to the effects themselves: in a word, they're first-rate. Utterly unique. That is, I'd find it hard to believe that some parts of my recordings were derived from an electric guitar if I weren't sure that I'd played them myself.”


—Anonymous posting on Harmony Central





“This pedal sounds unbelievable right out of the box. This unit excells at many things, things you may have not heard before. It's hard to describe what you can get from this thing but it is very, very interesting and fun. It has good distortion/flange presets but it also contains a myriad of other stuff. Filters and a step sequencer/drum machine rhythms/midi implementation ALOT is packed into this box. There is nothing out there to compare this to. I wish it had been invented sooner. It helps and inspires to make music. You can create a song idea with one strum on this thing, it's pretty mind blowing.”


—Posted by ALW on Harmony Central





“I use this on all kinds of gear....anything that puts out a signal....and it works great. The sounds are surprisingly good in the drum department, but hey, its ROGER LINN behind this baby, so it has to be PHATT as hell sounding!! I do not hear any extra noise to speak of. This thing is endless sonic heaven!! This is the best FX pedal I have ever bought. I have been buying pedals for over 25 years and I have too many....but this one will never ever leave-----its just way way too useful!!! My FAVE BY FAR! If I was only allowed ONE pedal--------this would definately be it!! Trust me, just get one of these, and you will be amazed!!!”


—Posted by Bruno on Harmony Central





“its fun fun fun!!!! and easy to use...”


—Posted by Alex on Harmony Central





“These drums are verrrry well sampled! I would definitely buy this again, and it is well worth the price. I have played guitar for over 20 years and I consider my ears to be tonally knowledgable. I tend to buy the latest, greatest and craziest effects (guitar synths, V Guitar, etc). FINAL WORD: These things should become legendary in a short time !!! and no I dont work for these guys!”


—Anonymous Posting on Harmony Central

Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA