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Analog Drum Machine

From Dave Smith & Roger Linn

AdrenaLinn III

Sync Filter FX, Amps & Beats: $399


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• Over 2200 LinnStruments have been sold, including both LinnStrument and LinnStrument 128.

• One of my favorite synths is Surge. It's highly versatile and full-featured, MPE compatible and very expressive, runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, is open source, and it's FREE. Learn more and download it here.

• I (Roger) wrote a new article in Synths & Software about Physical Modeling synthesis.

• I (Roger) made a new video about using Physical Modeling synths with LinnStrument.

• I (Roger) wrote two articles for synth guru Geary Yelton's new online magazine Synths & Software:
1) A discussion of
the Fourths String Note Layout used in LinnStrument, Roli Blocks, Ableton Push, GeoShred app and more.
2) A
comparison of the design approaches of the current MPE instruments.

• I (Roger) recently co-taught a workshop (with Sasha Leitman) at Stanford's CCRMA called "Designing Physical Interactions for Music". A very bright and creative group, and a wonderful experience. Here's a class picture.

• I (Roger) was interviewed by Music Radar, discussing MPE controllers, future synth stars, and the non-secret of the MPC’s swing.

• LinnStrument appears in Apple's new "Behind the Mac" ad (at 45 seconds in, pictured with UK producer Richard Russell).

• I (Roger) did a Reddit "Ask My Anything" session, and they did!

• I (Roger) was interviewed by drummer Stewart Copeland for the BBC documentary "Stewart Copeland...on Drums". Unfortunately music licensing issues currently permit it to be watched only from the UK (or through a proxy server).

• KVR Audio has created a new KVR Experts feature, and started it with a review and discussion of LinnStrument 128 by industry luminary Craig Anderton.


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LinnStrument 128

Free shipping to most countries

AdrenaLinn III